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Horticulture - LQ

LQHS Hort vocabulary

What is Olericulture? The science of growing vegetable crops
Where do Greenhouse employees spend most of their time working? Indoors
Nursery workers spend most of their time working? Outdoors
What does Horticulture mean in Latin? "Garden Cultivation"
Why are Scientific names used in horticulture? To avoid confusion when naming and identifying plants.
Who invented the binomial system for naming plants and organisms? Linneaus
Which part of the name comes first? The generic or genus name
Species can be defined as groups of plants that are all the same
What does a taxonmist do? identifies and classifies plants
There are four divisions in the horticulture industry. They are: Greenhouse employee, nursery employee, garden center employee, and grounds maintenance employee.
The four basic parts of the flower are: leaves, stems, roots, and flowers
The part of the flower starting with se- sepal
the part of the flower starting with st stamen
the part of the flower starting with pe petal
the part of the flower starting with pi pistil
The male part of the flower? stamen
The female part of the flower? pistil
What is the main function of the root hairs? to absorb nutrients and water from the soil
What does Nitrogen cause plants to do? Develop a dark green color
What adjusts soils pH? sulfur and lime
After planting - when do we fertilize? When the first shoots emerge from the soil
What does potassium do to leaves? scorche the edges of the leaves
What food does lime furnish the plant with? The element calcium
What percentage of the plants weight is water? 90%
What part of the plant does the water and nutrients travel up? Xylem
What part of the plant stem does the manufactured food travel down Phloem
what is the part of the dicots stem that allows new growth? Cambium
What type of plant root is easy to transplant fibrous
The flower is important in the production of this plant part seed
The two main functions of the stem are to move materials and provide support
What soil type has equal parts of sand,silt, and clay - Loam
What do plants provde to humans oxygen and food
The basic parts of the seed are: the seed coat, endoperm, and the embryonic plant
A good growing medium is one where the plant seeds can drain well
Why are soil and peat moss mixed? To provide good drainage and aeration in a seeing medium
Hardening off is used to prepare plants or seedling for transport
Direct seeded plants are planted in the soil where they grow to a sellabe size
Why is rooting powder used to treat seedlings? To aid the rooting process
Why cuttings should not be sealed in an airtight container because lack of oxygen could cause rotting
What is grafting? uniting two plants so that they grow as one
What must match when you are grafting the cambium part of the scion and the rootstock
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