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first menu

Celery root - ANTIPASTA Sliced thin, tossed with julienned apples, parsley, parmesan, truffle oil, champagne vin.
Tuscan kale salad - INSALATA Calavo nero, toasted pine nuts, croutons, anchovy dressing, parmesan.
Bitter greens salad - INSALATA Lolla rosa, radicchio, endive, castelfranco, frisee, red oak & green oak. Tossed w/sherry vin, pickled red onion, ricotta salata & toasted almonds.
Rocola & fennel salad - INSALATA Arugula w/shaved fennel, blood oranges, candied fennel seeds. Shaved Pecorino Ramano on top.
Little gem lettuce w/crab salad - INSALATA Cross between baby romaine and butter lettuce, grilled (smokiness). Dungeness tossed w/olive oil, preserved lemon & chives. Shaved watermelon radish on top.
Eggplant caponata - ANTIPASTA Eggplant relish(w/red & yellow pepper, red onion, EVOO, sherry vinegar, & chives) w/ marinated white anchovies & vincotto.
Monterey squid - ANTIPASTA Squid, grilled w/pureed borlotti beans w/tesa and salsa verde.
Cotechino - ANTIPASTA House made sausage sliced, poached, dusted w/ Wondra flour and pan seared. On bed of green lentils, garlic, herbs, sherry & EVOO.
Cardoons - ANTIPASTA Cardoons, peeled, braised then breaded & fried. Served w/bagna cauda.
Mussels - ANTIPASTA West coast mussels w/San Marzano tomatoes, white wine, guanciale, chick pea & calabrian chili w/grilled bread.
Lamb's tongue salad - ANTIPASTA Lamb's tongue pickled w/red wine & herbs, sliced thin w/frisee, arugula, pickled red onion & poached quail egg.
Polenta - ANTIPASTA Polenta (cooked w/water n milk, finished w/butter and parm) topped w/wild mushroom saute w/sherry finish.
Ribollita - ANTIPASTA Tuscan bread soaked in minestrone for 24hrs, then seared for crunch, topped w/sunny side up egg, Tuscan OO finish.
Burrata - ANTIPASTA Burrata served w/house cured & smoked salmon. Finished w/ sea salt & EVOO.
Tuna - CRUDO 1 oz. tuna sliced thin, shaved celery, lemon, sea salt, EVOO.
Swordfish - CRUDO Swordfish marinated in sweet brined, hot smoked 15 min, rare, thinly sliced. Topped w/red pepper, capers, chives, sea salt & EVOO.
Sea Bass - CRUDO Sea bass sliced thinly, topped w/grapefruit segments, sea salt & EVOO finish.
Scallop - CRUDO Day boat scallop w/preserved lemon, sea salt & EVOO.
Speck - CURED MEAT Origin: Alto Adige. Shoulder cut ham, deboned, brined, smoked then hung for 5 months. Differs from bone in, leg cut, unsmoked prosciutto.
Prosciutto - CURED MEAT Salted and cured (1-2 yrs) ham from Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Cross between Duroc (red US) & Landrace (white Danish) pigs.
Mortadella - CURED MEAT House made "Italian bologna", salami of shoulder and fat back (emulsified, poached). Pistachios, black pepper, olives, fat back, hints of nutmeg.
Salami cotto - CURED MEAT House made poached salami of pork butt, belly, cayenne, garlic & pepper. Cotto = cooked
Coppa de Testa - CURED MEAT House made terrine (rustic pate) w/pigs' head, cheeks, trotters, tongue w/cinn, clove & coriander. Chopped, & cased, gelatin to bind.
Lardo - CURED MEAT House made "white prosciutto" fat back cured with salt & cinnamon.
Coppa - CURED MEAT House cured shoulder/neck cut w/coriander, allspice, juniper berry & nutmeg.
Genovese salami - CURED MEAT House made Genoa salami w/pork butt, white wine, pepper & garlic.
Pizza dough & sauce - PIZZA House made w/Caputo 00 flour(= powder fine, stretchable/extensible vs. elastic). Cold rise for 36/48 hrs. Sauce = san marzano toms, oregano, thyme, EVOO & salt. Gluten free option.
Margherita - PIZZA Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil
Ligurian - PIZZA (Liguria,coastal Northwest region of Italy) Gaeta olives, red onion, garlic cloves, & white anchovies.
Wild mushroom - PIZZA Seasonal, w/caramelized onions, Taleggio cheese, thyme & white truffle oil.
Sausage - PIZZA House made fennel sausage, fingerling potatoes, arugula, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella.
Meatball (lamb) - PIZZA House made lamb meatballs (w/lamb shoulder, pork, bread crumbs, eggs, parmesan), sweet roasted peppers, calabrian chili, & fresh mozzarella.
Calzone - PIZZA Fresh mozzarella, fontina, parmesan cheeses inside. Baked, topped w/San Daniele prociutto, arugula, and shaved parmesan.
Farinata - PIZZA (gluten free)"made of flour", but chickpea flour, w/gaeta olives, artichoke & rosemary.
Pasta - PASTA House made with Naples-imported Caputo flour, & semolina. Formed by hand, extruder, & artisanal tools. Gluten free option.
Corzetti - PASTA "Stamp" style of disk pasta from Liguria (NW coastal region), made w/hand carved wooden stamps (about the size of a silver dollar). Pork cheek ragu w/golden raisins & pine nuts.
Chitarra - PASTA *key-TAHR-rah*"Cut w/ guitar strings" Squid ink (briny black cuttle fish ink), w/tesa, white wine & bottarga (pressed cured tuna roe).
Bucatini - PASTA *BOO-kah-TEE-nee* Type of hollow spaghetti. W/guanciale, san marzano tomatoes & calabrian chili.
Trofie - PASTA *TROH-fee-yay* NW coastal Liguria, thin tootsie roll, corkscrew-shaped pasta w/arugula, basil & hazelnut pesto & oven dried roma tomatoes.
Ravioli - PASTA Kabocha squash (strong sweet, moist fluffy), roasted & pureed w/ricotta, mascapone & amaretti cookie. Ravioli served w/kale, sage, almonds & brown butter.
Gnocchi - PASTA *nee-YO-key* Kennebec potatoes, baked & riced (pressed through a fine mesh) w/spicy braised octopus, tomatoes & fresh herbs.
Risotto - PASTA *REE-zoh-toh* Acquerello *ah-kwah-rehl-lo* (NW Italy) carnaroli rice (aged & polished) cooked w/onion, white wine & stock. Carrot puree, mascarpone *MAHS-scar-pone-aye*, preserved lemon & seared day boat scallops.
Porchetta - PANINI *por-ketta* Pork belly, loin & sausage rolled & rotisserie roasted, w/pickled red onion, arugula & aioli.
Panini sandwich - PANINI Sandwich served on Acme (Berkeley, CA estb. 1983) ciabatta rolls.
Chicken - PANINI Shredded rotisserie chicken, tossed w/oven dried tomatoes & taleggio cheese.
Lamb - PANINI Lamb, shoulder cut, braised w/romesco, goat cheese & arugula.
Vegi / Eggplant - PANINI Grilled eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, basil & arugula pesto.
Prosciutto - PANINI San Daniele ham, salami, provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, pickled onion & herbed aioli.
Ligurian fish stew - ENTREE Mussels, clams, sea bass, laughing bird shrimp, Monterey squid, fish stock, tomato, saffron, orange, fennel, white wine,Tuscan kale & potato, served w/grilled bread & romesco.
Monkfish - ENTREE 5oz. monkfish, "poor man's lobster", wrapped in speck, served w/celery root & potato puree,topped w/salsa verde.
Chicken - ENTREE 1/2 Mary's organic chicken, sweet-brined & rotisserie cooked. W/farro (nutty, semi-pearled grain) & roasted beets.
Veal - ENTREE Veal breast pounded out, rolled up w/Tuscan kale, slow braised, served w/creamy polenta & reduced braising liquid.
Porchetta - ENTREE Berkshire (rare English breed) porchetta (Pork belly, loin & sausage rolled & rotisserie roasted), served w/fregula sarda (Italian cous cous), caramelized endive & vincotto (like aged balsamic).
Rib eye - ENTREE Cut of beef from the middle rib area. Cooked to order.
Bisteca - ENTREE Beef cut w/both the new york & filet attached to the bone. Cooked to order.
Flat iron - ENTREE Beef, cut from the shoulder, delicate. Cooked to order.
Whole fish - WHOLE FISH About 1 pound each
Branzino - WHOLE FISH Mediterranean sea bass
Daurade - WHOLE FISH "Orata" in Italian for "golden" filets, delicious seabream fish.
American snapper - WHOLE FISH Southern Atlantic, flaky, buttery fish.
Created by: urbanbunbun