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Vet Science List

Veterinary Science List

A-, an- not, without, less
Ab away from
-ac pertaining to
Acous/acouso- hearing
Acr/acro- extremity, topmost
-acusis hearing condition
-ad toward, in the direction of
ad- increase, adherence, motion toward, very
aden/adeno- gland
adip/adipo- fat
adren/adreno- gland
-aemia blood condition (BrE)
aer/aero- air, gas
aesthesio- sensation (BrE)
-al pertaining to
alge/algesi- pain
-algia pain
algio/algo- pain
ambi- around, on all sides, both
an- not, without
an/o anus
angi- blood vessel
ankyl/ankylo- crooked, stiff
ante- before
anti- against, opposed to
apo- separated from, derived from
arteri/arterio- artery
arthr/arthro- joint, articulation
articul/articulo- joint
-ary pertaining to
-ase enzyme
-asthenia weakness
-ation process
auri- ears (aural)
aut/auto- self, same
bacteri/bacterio- bacteria
bi- twice, double
bio- life
blast/blasto- germ or bud
bleph/blepharo- eyelid
brachi/brachio- arm
brady- slow
bronch/bronchi- bronchus
bucc/bucco- cheek
burs/burso- bursa
carcin/carcino- cancer
cardi/cardio- heart, esophageal opening of stomach
cata- down
-cele pouching, hernia
-centesis surgical puncture for aspiration
cephal/cephalo- head
chem/chemo- chemistry, drug
chlor/chloro- green
chol- bile
chondrio/chondro- cartilage, gristle, granule, granular
chrom/chromato- color
-cidal/cide killing, destroying
circum- around
cis- on this side
co- with, together, in association
col/colo/colono- colon
com- with, together
contra against
cor- with, together
costo ribs
crani/cranio- cranium, skull
cry/cryo- cold
cycl- circle, cycle
cyst/cysti/cysto- bladder or sac
cyt/cyto- cell
-cyte cell
dacrio- tear
dactyl/dactylo- digit (finger or toe)
de- away from, cessation
derm/dermis/dermato- skin
-desis binding
dextr/dextro- right, on the right side
di- separation, two
dif- separation
dis- separation, taking apart
duodeno- duodenum
dynamo- force, energy
-dynia pain
dys- bad, difficult
-eal pertaining to
ec- out, away
ect- outer, outside
-ectasis expansion, dilation
ecto- outer, outside
-ectomy excision, removal
-emia blood condition (AmE)
-encephal/encephalo- brain
endo- internal
enter/entero- small intestine
epi- upon
erythr/erythro- red
-esophageal/esophago- gullet (AmE)
esthesio- sensation (AmE)
eu- good, well
ex- out of, away from
exo- exterior, outward
extra- outside
edopotra- stiff
fibr/fibro- fiber
-form in the form or shape of
-galact/galacto- milk
-gen origin or production
gloss/glosso- tongue
glott/glotto- opening
gluco- glucose
glyco- sugar
gnath/gnatho- jaw
-gram recording
-graph recording instrument
-graphy process of recording
gyn/gyno- woman, also
gynae/gynaeco- (BrE)
gyne/gyneco- (AmE)
haem/haema/haemat/haemato/haemo- blood (BrE)
hem/hema/hemat/hemato- blood (AmE)
hemi- one half
hemo- blood (AmE)
hepat/hepatico/hepato- liver
hidr/hidro- sweat
hist/histio/histo- tissue
hydr/hydro- water
hyper- above normal, excessive
hypo- below normal, deficient
hyster/hystero- uterus
-ia/iasis condition
-iatrics treatment
-iatry treatment
-ic pertaining to
-icle small
-ics organized knowledge, treatment
idio- self, one's own
ileo- ileum
infra- below
inter- between, among
intra- within
irid/irido- iris
ischi/ischio- ischium
-ism condition, disease
-ismus spasm, contraction
iso- equal, like
-ist one who specializes in
-ite the nature of, resembling
-itis inflammataion
-ium structure, tissue
karyo- nucleus
kerat/kerato- cornea (eye or skin)
kin/kine/kinesi/kinesio- movement
kino- movement
kyph/kypho- humped
lacrim/lacrimo- tear
lact/lacti/lacto- milk
laryng/laryngo- larynx
latero- lateral
lei/leio- smooth
-lepsis/lepsy seizure
lepto- light, slender
leuk/leuko- white
linguo- tongue
lip/lipo- fat
lith/litho- stone, calculus
log- speech
-logist one who specializes in the study or treatment of
logo- speech
-logy study of
lymph/lympho- lymph
lys-/lyso-/-lytic dissolution
macr/macro- large, long
-malacia softening
mast/masto- breast
meg/mega- large
megal/megalo- large
-megaly large
melan/melano- black
mening/meningo- meninges
mes/meso- middle
meta- after, behind
-meter instrument for measuring
-metry process of measuring
micr/micro- smallness, one-millionth
mon/mono- single
morph/morpho- form, shape
muscul/musculo- muscle
my/myo- muscle
myc/myco- fungus
myel/myelo- bone marrow, spinal cord
myring/myringo- eardrum
myx/myxo- mucus
necr/necro- death
neo- new
nephr/nephro- kidney
neur/neuri/neuro- nerve
normo- normal
oculo- eye
odont/odonto- tooth
odyn/odyno- pain
-oesophageal/oesophago- gullet (BrE)
-oid resemblance to
olig/oligo- few, little
-oma tumor
-omata plural of -oma
onco- tumor, bulk, volume
onych/onycho- fingernail, toenail
oo- egg, ovary
oophor/oophoro- ovary
ophthalm/ophthalmo- eye
orchi/orchido/orchio- testis
orth/ortho- straight, normal, correct
-osis a condition, disease or increase
osseo- bony
ossi- bone
ost/oste/osteo- bone
ot/oto- ear
-ous pertaining to
ovari/ovario/ovi/ovo- ovary
oxo- addition of oxygen
oxy- sharp, acid, cute, oxygen
pachy- thick
pan/pant/panto- all, entire
para- alongside of, abnormal
-paresis slight paralysis
path/patho- disease
-pathy disease
pelv/pelvi/pelvo- hip bone
-penia deficiency
per- through
peri- around, about
-pexy fixation
phaco- lens-shaped
-phage/phagia eating, devouring
phago- eating, devouring
-phagy eating, devouring
pharmaco- drug, medicine
pharyng/pharyngo- pharynx
-phil/philia attraction for
phleb/phlebo- vein
phob/phobo- exaggerated fear, sensitivity
phon/phono- sound
phos- light
phot/photo- light
phren/phreni- diaphragm
phrenico/phreno- diahragm
-plasia formation, development
plasty surgical repair, recontruction
-plegia paralysis
pleur/pleura/pleuro- rib/pleura
pneum/pneuma- air, lung
pneumat/pneumato- air, lung
pod/podo- foot
-poiesis production
poly- multiplicity
por/poro- pore, pourous
post- after, behind posterior
pre- anterior, before
presby/presbyo- old age
pro- before, forward
proct/procto- anus, rectum
psych/psyche/psycho- mind
-ptosis falling, downward placement
pyel/pyel0- pelvis
pyo- pus
pyro- fever
quadr/quadri- four
rachi/rachio spine
radio- radiation, radius
re- again, backward
rect/recto- rectum
ren/reno- kidney
reticul/reticulo- net
retro- backward, behind
rhabd/rhabdo- rod shaped, striated
rhin/rhino- nose
-rrhage burst forth
-rrhagia discharge
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-rrhea flowing, discharge
-rrhexis rupture
salping/salpingo- tube
sarco- muscular, fleshlike
schisto- split, cleft
schiz/schizo- split, cleft, division
scler/sclero- hardness
scoli/scolio- twisted
-scope instrument for viewing
-scopy use of instrument for viewing
semi- one half, partly
sial/sialo- saliva, salivary gland
sigmoid/sigmoido- sigmoid, sigmoid colon
sinistr/sinistro- left, left side
-sis condition of
sito- food, grain
somat/somatico/somato- body, bodily
spasmo- spasm
sperma/spermato/spermo- semen, spermatozoa
splanchn/splanchni/splanchno- viscera
splen/spleno- spleen
spondyl/spondylo- vertebra
-stasis stop, stand
-staxis dripping, trickling
steno- narrowness, constriction
stheno- strength, force, power
stom/stoma- mouth
stomat/stomato- mouth
-stomy creation of opening
sub- beneath
super- in excess, above, superior
supra- above, excessive
sy/syl- together
sym- together
syn- together
sys- together
tachy- fast
-tension/-tensive pressure (of blood)
thel/thelo- nipples
therm/thermo- heat
thorac/thoracico/thoraco- chest, thorax
thromb/thrombo- blood clot
thry/thyro- thyroid gland
-tic pertaining to
toco- childbirth
-tome cutting instrument
-tomy cutting operation
tono- tone, tension, pressure
-tony tension
top/topo- place, topical
tox/toxi/toxico/toxo- toxin, poison
trache/tracheo- trachea
trans- across, through, beyond
trich/trichi/trichia/tricho- hair, hairlike structure
-tripsy crushing
-trophy tissue
tympan/tympano- eardrum
-ula/ule small
ultra- beyond, excessive
uni- one
uri/uric/urico- uric acid
ur/uro- urine
varic/varico- swollen or twisted vein
vas/vaso- duct, blood vessel
vasculo- blood vessel
vesic/vesico- vesicle
xanth/xantho- yellow, yellowish
-y condition or process of
zo/zoo- animal, animal like
zym/zymo- fermentation, enzyme
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