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Lab & Exotic Animals

Weeks 1 & 2

This group believes people should treat animals kindly and that they should have laws like humans. This group is to prevent animal cruelty and they believe we should end any animals suffering an example is the humane society Animal Welfare
How many breeds of rabbits are in the U.S. 45
This group believes animals are here for the use of humans, but we are responsible for that use. This group believes we should spare any pain or discomfort and this includes most lab workers. Animal Use
What one of the 3R's is to cause the least amount of stress, pain, anxiety, and disturbance of a normal animal life. Refinement
What type of facility is like the double corridor but all personnel most shower before entering. they call the animals germ free. Barrier
This group believes the government should write laws that express most of the population and that these laws be carried out. This includes the USDA and AVMA. They want to improve care and welfare of animals Animal Control
What one of the 3R's is to use the absolute fewest number of animals that will achieve the research goals Reduction
What 3 people are needed on a laboratory animal medicine team vet, vet tech, lab tech
Do mice have the harderian gland yes
In female rabbits what is the extra patch of fur called that she uses to make a nest. Dewlap
No microorganisms are present except those that pass to the animal before birth through the placenta, everything given to this animal has to be sterilized Axenic Animal
What is the gestation period in rats 22 days
What animals do we watch as an indicator of global warming Pika
This group believes animals have intrensic rights that should be garanteed like humans. This includes not being killed,eaten, used,or tested upon. this group believes Euthanasia should never be used and research is a violation Animal Rights
What one of the 3R's is research that uses the lower forms of life, computers, or other artificial means whenever possible. Replacement
What type of facility is called clean/dirty because it has one clean side one dirty side. Traffic in in one direction so there is no contamination. Double Corridor
IACUC must have what 3 people A vet with lab experience, Some one with no affiliation, A person to represent the public
What type of facility is like the barrier but the personnel must shower before and after. You must wear disposable cloths and the animals kept here usually have a zoonotic disease. Containment
What type of facility has animal rooms and support areas that have single doors opening into a central corridor. This is very common but takes some consideration to prevent contamination. Conventional
This group believes that animals were put on Earth to be used by humans. Animals are viewed as property and they believe animals do not feel pain as humans do. Animal Exploration
Temperature, humidity, noise, and ventilation is what kind of factor Extrinsic
This group believes animals should not be forced to work or produce for human benefit. They consider owning an animal is a form of enslavement an example is PETA Animal Liberation
The government agency that oversees the use of animals in educational and research institutions is what USDA
This group provides voluntary accreditation of biomedical research facilities AAALAC
What is AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
________ research is directed toward specific objects, such as development of a new drugs is refereed to as what Applied
A veterinarian who has reached the highest degree of proficiency in lab animal medicine is certified by who ACLAM
What is the gestation period in rabbits 31days
Name the 2 most active animal liberation groups in the U.S PETA and ALF
The thermoneutral zone is a range of temps where and animal dose not need physical or chemical mechanisms to control what Heat loss and heat production
A quarantine room would under go what type of pressure Negative
What physiological feature makes rats useful as a model of toxicology studies They can not vomit
What is the scientific name of the guinea pig Cavia Porcellus
Like primates, guinea pigs have a dietary requirement for what vitamin C
Who is responsible for all aspects of animal use, education, health, and compliance with all laws and regulations IACUC
Female guinea pigs must breed before what age 6 months
What is parturition called in rabbits Kindeling
Surgery, restraint, and drug effects are what kind of factor Experimental
Age, sex, and heredity is what kind of factor Intrinsic
What pattern do guinea pigs stamped in Circular
What is the scientific name of the common lab mouse Mus musculus
What is the scientific name of the black or house rat Rattus rattus
What dose the harderian gland cause Red tears
What is a ferrets lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 5-8 yrs Temp: 100-104°F Gestation: 40-44 days
What is a guinea pigs lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 5-7 yrs Temp: 99.0-103.1°F Gestation: 63 days
What is a hamsters lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan:1.5-2.5 yrs Temp:99.6 °F Gestation:15-18 days
What is a mouse lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 1-3 yrs Temp: 100.4-104°F Gestation:18-19 days
What is a rabbits lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 7-9yrs Temp: 101-104°F Gestation: 31-32 days
What is a rats lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 2.5-3 yrs Temp: 99.8°F Gestation:21-23 days
What is a sugar gliders lifespan, temp, and gestation. Lifespan: 12-14yrs Temp:89.6 °F Gestation:16 days
What is a spayed female ferret called Sprite
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