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Arc Welding

The arc from welding can cause severe _______ damage from near or far. eye
Always wear a _______ if you are around a welding arc. hood
Hoods for welding should contain at least a #____ lens. ten
Injury can also occur when using a _______ hammer. chipping
When welding, the operator sees by using the light from the ______. arc
______________ for welding areas should be suitable for class A, B, and C fires. fire extinguishers
Heat from a welding arc can reach _________ degrees F. 9000
Welding tables should be made of ________. metal
All _______ should be cleared from the welding area. debris
1/8" is the most common size _________ used for welding in agricultural mechanics. electrode
The most common type of electrode for welding is ____________. E6011
___________ brings the electrical current to the electrode by holding the electrode in place. electrode holder
__________ should be attached to the project being welded. ground clamp
The arc welding machine should be set to the proper __________ for the type and size metal being welded. amperage
to join by fusion welding
continuous and uniform line of filler metal bead
making a small weld to hold metal temporarily tack
a small pool of liquid metal puddle
the machine that produces the current for welding arc welding machine
continuous discharge of electricity arc
metal rod that is coated with flux and used with an electric welder. electrode
the material formed when burning steel combines with oxygen slag
metal for practicing welding pad
a weld produced without weaving stringer bead
moving an electrode sideways to create a wider bead weaving
the amount of tension or pull a weld can withstand tensile strength
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