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terms chapter one

"Transport host" parasite does not undergo any development while with his host Paratenic host
a parasite wanders from its usual site of infection into an organ or location in which it does not ordinarily live Erratic parasite
Both organisms in the symbiotic relationship benifit Mutualism
Must live as a parasite Obligatory parasite
Definitive host, intermediate host, transport or paratenic host, reservoir host Life cycle
any disease transmissible from animals to man Zoonosis
Living creatures or objects that are not parasitic maybe mistaken for erroneously indentified as parasites Pseudoparasite
parasite does present obvious injury or harm to host animal Parasitosis
Parasite living in the outside body of the host Ectoparasite
Comes to the host periodically for food Periodic parasite
Harbors larval stages of the parasite Intermediate host
only parasite when the opportunity presents itself. can live on its own Facultative parasite
living together between two different species or organisms. some relationships can be benificial, some are indifferent Symbiosis
Normally a parasite of a certain host, but may be found in a new or different host. Incidental parasite
Describes an association in which one symbiont benefits and the other is neither benifited or harmed Commensalism
Harbors the adult, sexual or mature stages of the parasite Definitive host
parasite is present and potentially harmful, however the animal doesnt exhibit outward clinical signs. Parasitiasis
Parasite lives within the host Endoparasite
a host in which the disease or parasite occurs naturally. It is a source of infection for man or domestic animals. Reservoir host
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