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Dept. Fitness Test

What are the HEALTH RELATED components of fitness? Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition
What are some SKILL RELATED components of fitness? Agility, Power, Speed, Reaction Time
Cardiovascular exercise emphasizes fitness of what body part? Heart
What type of exercise helps to improve cardiovascular fitness? Aerobic or Anaerobic Aerobic
Sports that are examples of AEROBIC exercise are: Basketball and Soccer
Sports that are examples of anaerobic sports are: volleyball, football, tennis, baseball
The name for the training heart rate for cardiovascular fitness is ____ Target Heart Rate
The name for the heart rate that should not be exceeded during training is ____. Maximum Heart Rate
The name for the heart rate after you exercise, as you cool down is called _____. Recovery Heart Rate
The name for the heart rate when your body is motionless and relaxed is called _______ Resting Heart Rate
Why does the heart respond to, or get in better shape, when you exercise? The heart is a muscle.
Name 3 risk factors for heart disease. Obesity, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
Examples of ANAEROBIC exercise include: Weight training, sprinting, push-ups
What is the recommended amount of exercise/activity for a teenager? 30-60 minutes EVERY DAY
List 3 benefits of regular exercise. Weight management, prevention of heart disease, prevention of some cancers
Is sprinting Aerobic or Anaerobic? Anaerobic
The TARGET HEART RATE for a teenager is approximately __________ to ___________ beats per minute. 140-180
Increasing the number of workouts you do each week (exercising more often) is an example of what training principle? Frequency
Going for a longer run or increasing the number of reps per set is an example of what training principle? Time
Running faster or increasing the weight you use is an example of what training principle? Intensity
Does anaerobic exercise improve cardiovascular fitness? NO, It improves muscle fitness and skill related components.
Why are the HEALTH related components of fitness important? They improve your HEALTH.
One HEALTH benefit of improving muscular fitness is ________________. Prevent Injury
What do exercises that involve SKILL RELATED components of fitness do for you? They improve your SPORTS PERFORMANCE
Some examples of cardiovascular exercise include: jogging, swimming laps, bike riding
How can you tell if an activity or workout is cardiovascular? Your heart rate increases into the Target Heart Rate Zone for at least 20 minutes.
What is the minimum length for a cardiovascular workout to provide health benefits? 20 minutes
What are 2 major factors in a person's daily life that can lead to heart disease? Inactivity and Poor Nutrition
Created by: kdungey