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ACE Personal Trainer Study Cards Ch12

What in insulin? A hormone secreted into the blood stream by the pancreas that helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism.
What is the best treatment for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)? Diet modification (80% of those with NIDDM are overweight), medication, and exercise therapy: (primary objective is calorie expenditure).
Clients diagnosed with low back pain should avoid: Unsupported forward flexion, twisting at the waist with turned feet, lifting both legs at the same time in a prone supine position, rapid twist, and forward flexion or hyper-extending movements.
When designing a weight training program for an individual with high blood pressure, arthritis, of heart disease, be sure to include: Extended warm-up and cool-down
What are Kegel exercises? (WHAT?! is this seriously a question, please tell me we are not suppose to get our clients to do this) Exercises designed to gain control of and tone the pelvic floor muscles by controlled isometric contraction and relaxation of the muscles surrounding the vagina.
What is rheumatoid arthritis? An autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of connective tissue and joints.
What is osteoarthritis? A degenerative joint disease, found chiefly in older adults, caused by degeneration of the articulator cartilage of the joints.
What is the leading cause of death in the United States? Cardiovascular disease. The majority of these deaths are attributed to CAD (coronary artery disease).
What is necessary to have before working with a client who has had CAD? A doctor's note providing you with an upper limit heart rate as well as guidelines and limitations to physical activity.
Can exercise help someone why hypertension? Yes, with specific guidelines.
What causes strokes? 70-80 percent of strokes are cause by a thrombosis or formation of a blood clot within an intact blood vessel.
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