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ASA 103 (JK)

ASA 103 Study Questions

A_______ - _______ cockpit allows water to escape overboard, either by way of scuppers or a walk-through transom. self-bailing or self-draining
A _______ is used to adjust tension in the standing rigging tension. turnbuckle
When going forward on the sidedeck, it is safer to walk along the ________ side of the boat. windward or high
Cleaning supplies, fenders, a boathook, spare lines, and even extra sails can be stowed in the _______ _______. cockpit locker
If the wheel-steering systems fail, then a _______ _______ may be fitted to the rudder post to allow steering to resume. emergency tiller
The space beneath the cabin sole is called the _______, where water may accumulate at the lowest point. bilge
To prevent accidental leaks due to hose failure, it is good practice to close all _______ when leaving the boat unattended. seacocks
Type " B " fire extinguishers are used to combat _______ based fires. flammable liquid or petroleum
Most sailboat electrical fixtures such as lights and pumps run on _______ Volts _______ Power, which is provided by the house _______. 12 volts; DC power: batteries (house)
When connected to _______ (110 volts AC), the battery voltage is maintained using a battery _______ . While motoring, the engine-mounted _______ charges the batteries. shorepower; charger; alternator
The battery _______ switch is usually a dial-type fixture that allows a choice to be made between house and _______ battery banks. selector; starting (battery banks)
A Pre-departure on-deck inspection should include looking for missing cotter _______. pins ( or rings )
Once the auxiliary engine is started, it is important to check that _______ is flowing out of the _______ outlet. water; exhaust
A diesel engine is stopped by shutting off the _______ supply. fuel
When shifting from forward to reverse gear (or vice versa) it is critical to pause in _______ for a second or two to allow the engine to return to idle speed. neutral
The flow of water pushed by the propeller is called prop _______. wash
The tendency of the stern of a boat to be pushed sideways when the engine is in reverse gear is called prop _______. walk
With the engine in reverse gear, a right-handed propeller will likely cause the stern to walk to ________. port
A vessel with divers in the water may display either a _______ flag (Red with Diagonal White Stripe) or International Code Flag _______ (vertical white and blue swallowtail). recreational diver; "A"
The _______ has ultimate responsibility for the safety of the _______, _______ and passengers. skipper (or captain), vessel; crew
A safety _______ may be made of webbing or line and has a clip on either end. One end commonly attaches to a safety _______ worn by the crew, the other end is secured to a strong pad-eye or _______. tether; harness; jackline
It is advisable to wear a life jacket in the following situations (name at least three) _______, _______, _______ Bad weather, heavy seas, cold water temperature, nighttime, poor visibility, when leaving the cockpit, if the boat has no lifelines, feeling unwell, etc.
Other than the federally required items, ASA recommends the following additional equipment be carried on board ( name at least 10) VHF radio, cell phone, spare lines, navigation charts, plotting tools, anchors, knife, first aid kit, toolkit, flashlight/spotlight, clock, radar reflector, boat hook, soft wood plugs, portable bilge pump, bucket, etc.
The amount of oil in the auxiliary _______ may be checked by withdrawing the ______, and wiping it clean, then reinserting and removing again to check level. Engine, dipstick
The raw-water ______ helps prevent grass, seaweed, and other undesirable debris from entering the engine's _____ system. Strainer; cooling
To help prevent diesel fuel spills, it is better to fill the tank _______. Slowly
It is illegal to dump ______ anywhere in the ocean or inland waters. a. Plastic b. Engine Oil c. Diesel Fuel d. All of the above D. All of the Above
Small items of food waste, paper, and glass may legally be discharged if the vessel is more than ____ miles off shore. 3 miles
Most water-heater appliances have two ways of heating water: either from the engine's _______ system or from ________ electricity. Cooling; shore power
A marine toilet must be connected to a _______ _______ device, which on most boats is a _______ tank. Marine sanitation; holding
Ways to reduce weather help and excessive heeling include: (name at least three) _______, _______, _______ Heading up into the wind, easing the main sheet, taking the traveler to Leeward, reefing the mainsail, tightening the outhaul, tightening the adjustable back stay,
Tightening the _______ decreases the ________ or " belly " of the mainsail. outhaul; draft (or depth)
One way twist in the jib can be adjusted is with the position of the jibsheet car. If the jib has to much twist, move the car ________. If it needs more twist, move the car _______. Forward; Aft
When reefing the mainsail while under way, it is better to keep the boat moving on a _______ ______ point of sail. Close reach
When reefing the mainsail, once the new _______ is established, take up the _______ again until the luff is tight, then establish a new _______. a. Halyard b. Tack. c. Clew B (tack); A (halyard); C (clew)
It is easier to reef or furl the roller-furling jib while on a _______ _______ point of sail. Broad Reach
Once the jib is reefed, the jibsheet car (if equipped) should be moved _______ to maintain balance tension in the leach and foot. Forward
When heaving-to, the back-winded ______ and the leeward positioned ______ are in position, causing the boat to sail very slowly with the wind just forward of the ____. When a boat is hove-to with a wheel, the wheel is turned fully to ______. C, A, D, B
A vessel is considered to be overtaking another if it is approaching from within an arc of up to 2 to 2.5° abaft (behind) the _________ on either side of the vessel being overtaken. This total arc of 135° feels the same as the _________ light. beam; stern
Under the US inland rules of navigation, some sound signals are used to signal a vessel's _________ and require another vessel's _________. intent; response
In a situation where two power driven vessels are crossing, one short whistle blast means "I intend to leave you on my _________ side. In an overtaking situation, one short whistle blast means "I am tend to _________ you on your starboard side" port; pass
If a vessel operating and inland waters does not agree or understand the intent of another vessel, then it would sound _________ short blasts. Three short whistle blast means "I am engaging _________ gear." 5; reverse
Hoisting a _________ _________ will increase the likelihood of being "seen" by a vessel equipped with radar. radar reflector
A sailing vessel underway at night or in restricted visibility must display _________ lights, which are red and green in color, plus a stern light, which is _________ in color. side, white
The color on the top of a horizontally striped red and green deacon or boy indicates on which side to leave that Mark in order to stay in the _________ channel. Preferred (channel)
When steering a vessel using a compass, the intended direction is called the _________ in the direction the boat is actually pointing is called the _________. course; heading
The difference between the true and magnetic direction is called _________. The difference between the magnetic and and _________ direction is called deviation variation; compass
Items that may cause interference with the proper functioning of the compass include (name at least three): _________ _________ _________ magnetic, tools, flashlight, cellphones, speaker in VHF radio, anything containing iron, etc
A distance of one nautical mile is equal to one _________ of latitude. When one degree of latitude is equal to _________ nautical miles. Speed units are usually expressed in _________, which means "nautical miles per hour." minute; 60; knots
Time units are expressed in _________ when using the equation distance equals speed times time. hours
Selecting an anchorage include: _________ from wind and waves _________ room so as to not to bump other boats, _________ type appropriate for the boats ground tackle, and acceptable total _________ including any changes in title height. protection; swinging room; bottom (seabed); scope
To confirm an anchor has set properly, when one can observe the anchor ____for tightness and lack of vibration. Look _____ at a ______ to align stationary objects can provide additional confirmation of a well – set anchor. A. Rode B. Range C. Abeam A (rode); C (abeam); B (range)
The first response to be taken to correct a dragging anchor is to increase _________. A. Depth B. Tied C. Scope D. Size of the anchor C (Scope)
As the anchor is being raised with power assist from the engine, the foredeck crew should point _________ the direction of the anchor rhode, so the helmsman know which way to _________. toward; steer
When parallel docking, it is preferable to bring the boat alongside the dock while heading _________ the wind, if possible. into
A _________ line is usually the first to be secured when docking, and last to be cast off when departing the dock. spring
For safety reasons, crew should never use their _________ or _________ to send the boat off. Instead _________ should be used in between the boat and the dock or piling, etc. hands, feet; fenders
When anchoring or mooring, the best way to communicate between the foredeck and helm is through the use of prearrange _________ _________. hand signals
Most cruising sailboats carry a _______ radio, which can be used not only for emergencies or routine communication with other stations, but also to receive local ________________ forecast. VHF, weather
A significant weather threat face by sailors is the summer_______, which can develop relatively quickly and be accompanied by high _______ and intense rain. thunderstorms, winds
Fog often occurs when it is hot and_____ and the water temperature is _______. humid; cool
The greatest title range is usually observed during _______ tides, when the moon is either _______ or new. spring; full
As the tide comes in tide height goes from low to high. A ____current may be generated, depending upon local geography. flood (current)
When the tide is going out, it is called an ___ current. If no current is flowing, it is said to be _____ water. ebb (current); slack
When sailing in a current, the direction the current is flowing is called it's _______, and the drift is the _______ of the current. set; speed
If the boat runs a ground, the first action to be taken is to _______ sheets if sailing, or shift the engine to _______ if under power. ease; neutral
A _______ is a portable anchor that can be used to help haul a boat off a grounding. kedge
If the boat has a leak, the first action to be taken is to determine the _______ of the leak. It may be necessary to operate the bilge _______ while the link leak is stemmed. source; pump
If the propeller becomes fouled , it is important to immediately shift engine to _______ and stop it. neutral
If a shroud or stay fails, the most important thing is to keep the _______ standing upright by removing any strain and providing additional support, perhaps with a spare _______, if available. mast; halyard
Name at least three potential sources of fire or explosion on board a sailboat with an auxiliary engine _______, _______, _______. faulty electrical wiring, outboard engine fuel (gasoline), cooking fuel (alcohol, LPG/propane), engine fuel leak (diesel), etc.
One major benefit of using the quick stop crew – overboard recovery method is that the boat stays _______ to the COB (crew over board). closer
Using the Quick stop recovery method, the first maneuver (after deploying flotation and assigning a spotter) is to _______ the boat, leaving the _______ secured (on it's cleat or self – tailing winch) so that the jib is back winded after the tack. tack; jibsheet
A COB in cold water should assume the _______ position so as to minimize loss of body heat. Heat Escape Lessening Position ( H.E.L.P.)
A person suffering from stage two (medium) hypothermia should be treated by (true or false):1. Removing wet clothing. 2. Massaging arms and legs. T, F
A person suffering from stage two (medium) hypothermia should be treated by (true or false)1. Adding body heat from another person, 2. Administering fluids, including alcohol T, F
When planning a passage, it is important to identify alternative _______ in case a poor weather or problems with the vessel. destinations or anchorages
Name at least 5 (five) items of information that should be included in a skippers pre-cruise and safety briefing. to crew and passengers: _______, _______, _______, _______, _______. Life jackets/PFDs, fire extinguishers, flares, VHF radio, itinerary, sailing controls orientation (sheets, halyards, etc) dock/slip departure plan, assignment of duties, etc.
Created by: Artesani
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