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Neta Personal Trainers Certification

When is the best time to find Resting Heart Rate? In the morning after a good night sleep and before you get out of bed.
When at rest a persons heart beats about how many times per minute? 60-100 times per minute.
Resting heartrate usually rises with Age
Resting Heartrate is generally lower in Physically fit people.
What is the study of a persons bone dimensions,muscle and andipose fat tissue? Anthropometric Measurments
Cardioresperatory Endurance is also known as CRE
What does it mean when muscles have the ability to exert maximal force against a resistance? Muscular Strength
Anthropometric Measurements used for adults usually include ________, ______,______,_______ and ________. Weight, height, Waist to Hip Ratio, BMI, Percentage of body fat
The maximal Capacity of the hear,blood vessels and lungs to deliver oxygen to the working muscles is. (CRE)or Cardioresperatory Endurance
What Type of ability allows a joint to move through a full range of motion? Flexibility
What alllows muscles or muscle group to exert force against a resistance for a sustained period of time? Muscular Endurance
The series of fitness evaluation should be performed in what order. 1)Resting Measurements 2)Anthropometric Measurements 3)Cardiovascular Assessment 4)Muscular Strength and Endurance 5)Flexibility or ROM
By Palpating the radial or cartoid pulse the _____________ can be located Heart Rate
Pressing to hard on the cartoid artery can result in a Reflexive lowering of the Heart Rate.
Normal resting heart Rate can range from ____to ____ bpm. 60-100 bpm
A resting HR <60 bpm is called Bradycardia
A rest HR >100 bpm is called Tachycardia
How long should you count bpm to get an accurate RH? One full minute.
It has been found that what type of exercise can lower resting heart rate? Regular Cardio exercise.
What is the first Korotkoff sound/beat called? Systolic Pressure
What is the second Korotkoff sound/beat called? Diastolic Pressure
What measurements can be used to determine a baseline frome which to assess changes in body composition? Circumference or girth measurements
What does Android Obesity mean? Apple Shaped
What terms can be used in reference to more fat on the trunk? Apple Shaped or Android Obese
Trunk fat provides an increased risk of Hyper tension, Type 2 Diabetes,Dislipidemia, Coronary Artery Disease and Premature Death
Gynoid Obesity means _______ _______and fat distributed in the ______ and_______. Pear Shaped an Hips and Thighs
Which Type of body presents more risks? a)Apple Shaped b)Pear Shaped Apple Shaped
What measurement is used to assess an individuals regional fat distribution? Waist to Hip Ratio
How is Waist to Hip Ratio calculated? Dividing Waste Circumference by Hip Circumference.
1 lb =______ kg .45 Kilograms
1 in =______m .0254 meters
Maximal Graded Exercise Test is what type of test? Cardiorespiratory test
Where is a Max Graded Exercise test Done? In a Clinical Setting
What is a Max Graded Exercise test used to identify? People at risk of a coronary event
What does Max GXT stand for? Maximal Graded Exercise Test
Max GXT involves testing someone to their______ ______of _______. Max level of exertion
The PAR Q is designed to identify clients who may have _________issues. Health
What does CAD stand for? Coronary Artery Disease
Blood Pressure taken on 2 seperate occasions at >140/90 means the person is__________. Hypertensive
A person taking antihypertensive Meds and their BP is >140/90 means the person is_______. Hypertensive
A person with diabetes with a BP >130/80 is ___________. Hypertensive
An individual_______(sex?)with a waist Circumference >102cm(>40inches) is considered what? Obese
A_________with a waist circumference of >88cm(>35inches)is considered what? Obese
Risk of what disease increases in men >45? Coronary Artery Disease
At what age does CAD affect women? >55
An individual with known cardiac,pulmonary or metabolic disease or has one or more signs or symptoms is considered a _________ __________. High Risk
An older individual (men>45, women >55) or meet the criteria for two or more major risk factors are considered what type of risk? Moderate
A younger individual (man <45,woman<55)who does not have any signs or symptoms that may suggest a health problem and does not meet criteria for anymore than one major CAD risk is considered What type of risk? Low
Which side of the body should be measured first? Right
Maximal Oxygen Consumption is also known as what? (VO2max)
(VO2max) stands for what? Maximum Volume of Oxygen
VO2max may be measured during ________ or estimated through any type of _________ ________. GXT or any number of Field Tests
(1-RM) Stands for what. 1 Rep Max
What protocol has been used to assess muscular Strength. (1-RM) 1 Rep Max Test
How much weight is lifted during a 1 rep max test? As much as possible for 1 rep with GOOD FORM and TECHNIQUE.
How many reps are done during (1-RM)Test? ONE
What is an example of a muscular endurance test that uses absolute workload? YMCA Bench Press Endurance Test
Calisthetic type exercises may also be used to assess __________ endurance. Muscular Endurance
During the YMCA Bench Press Test men lift a ____lb ________ ________ and women lift a _____lb _______ ________ for as many ______ as possible. Men 80lb barbell Women 35lb barbell for as many reps possible.
The Pushup Test and the Partial Curl Up Test are exampls of what type of exercises? Calisthenic
What test is done to assess cardiovascular fitness and classify fitness level? YMCA 3 Minute Step Test
What equipment is involved in the YMCA 3 Minute Step Test Metronome
The metronome used during the YMCA 3 Minute Step test should be set to ______bpm (_____step cycles per minute). 96 bpm 24 step cycles Per minute
Before performing the YMCA 3 minute Step Test You should allow the client to go through a ____ minute _______ _______ and allow the client to ________ for a short time. 5 minute warm up and Practice
Upon conclusion of the YMCA 3 Minute Step Test The client is to _______ _______ and count their heart rate for a full _____. Sit down and count their HR for 1 full minute.
What tests are done to assess abdominal muscle endurance? A)Partial Curl-up Test B)Alternative Abdominal Strength Test
In both abdominal endurance tests the clien lies in what position? Supine Position.
What test is done to assess the low back and hamstring flexibility? Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
What equipment is used during the Sit and Reach Flexibility Test Tape measure, yard stick or a Sit and Reach Box
What tests are performed to assess an individuals balance? A)Balance Assessment Protocols B)Romberg Tests C)Tandem Walk D)One Leg Stand
Upper Cross Syndrome is a _________ _________ Pattern Postural Distortion Pattern
Upper Cross Syndrome is a Postural Distortion Pattern Characterized by a Forward head and rounded shoulders
Upper Cross Syndrome is common among what type of population? Sedentary Populations
Upper Cross Syndrome involves functionally ______ or _________ muscles as well as functionally _______ or ________ muscles functionally tight or overactive muscles as well as functionally weak or inhibited muscles.
What postural distortion pattern is characterized by various tight and weak muscles through the torso, hips and legs causing an anterior pelvic tilt and increased lumbal lordosis? Lower Cross Syndrome
What postural distortion pattern is associated with an anterior Pelvic Tilt and increased lumbar lordosis? Lower Cross Syndrome
What tests can be performed to assess an individuals balance? A)Romberg Test B)Tandem Walk C)One Leg Stand D)Chair Stands
What are the five fitness components that should be included in a well designed exercise program? A)Cardioresperatory Endurance B)Muscular Endurance C)Muscular Strength D)Flexibility E)Body Composition
What Principal is used to design an appropriate cardioresperatory endurance exercise? F.I.T.T.R.
What is the F.I.T.T.R based on? F.I.T.T.R. is based on an individuals fitness level.
How many training principals are there? There are 4 training Principals.
The 4 training principals can be used to develop exercise programs for individuals based on what 4 goals? Overload, specificity,progression and reversibility.
Overload,Specificity,progression and reversibility are all used in an exercise program based on the 4 _______ principals. 4 Training Principals
Metabolic Method is also known as__________? MET stand for metabolic method.
What way can exercise intensity be measured based on heart rate? HRM or the Heart Rate Method
What doess MHR stand for? MHR stands for Maximal Heart Rate.
The highest heart rate obtainable during exercise is _________ _________ _________. Maximal Heart Rate is the highest heart rate obtainable during exercise.
CRE is an areviation for what? Cardioresperiratory Endurance
What does the heart,blood vessels and lungs need in order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the working blood vessels? Cardiorespiratory Endurance CRE
Dyspnea scale is a method used to determine if an individual is what? the Dyspnea Scale is used to determine if an individual is exercising at too high of an intensity.
Dyspnea Scale is based on their _________ and _________ of _________. Dyspnea scale is based on their rate and difficulty of breath.
(CRE)Cardiorespiratory Endurance workouts must be designed to keep clients within their individualized _______ __________ _______, in order to achieve optimal results. Training Zone Cardiorespiratory fitness results
What refers to the ratio of lean body mass to body fat Body composition refers to the ratio of lean body mass to body fat.
What is developed by performing a low number of reps with high levels of resistance? Muscular strength
What is achieved by performing a high number of reps using low levels of resistance. Muscular Endurance
What is the joints range of motion called? Joint Mobility
What can be improved through a well designed stretching program for all major muscles? Flexibility
What is comprised of muscles,bones,ligaments,tendons and internal organs? Lean Body Mass
What consists of essential fat and stored fat? Body Fat
What is the primary role of stored fat? To reserve energy for later use
What can be improved by increasing the amount of lean muscle mass trough resistance training and decreasing body fat through __________ and ___________ Body Composition Diet and exercise
A CRE training response is an increase in.... Increase in Heart rate and breathing is a CRE training response.
THe principals of overload, specificity, progression and reversibility must be applied to achieve what effect? Training
What way can a trainer measure exercise intensity? Rate of Percieved Exertion
What Principal is the gradual increase in total workload? Progression Principal
What principal are they referring to when they say "If you don't use it you'll lose it" Reversibility Principal
What happens when normal exercise is no longer applied? Reversibility principle in other words regression will occur.
S.A.I.D. stand for? Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand
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