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ACE Personal Trainer Study Cards Ch8

define metabolism. the chemical and physiological processes in the body that provide energy for the maintenance of life.
what is the difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance? muscular strength: the maximum force that a muscle can produce against resistance in a single, maxima effort. Muscular endurance: the capacity of a muscle to exert force repeatedly against a resistance, or to hold a fixed or static contraction over time.
what is a prime mover? the muscle that contracts concentrically to accomplish the movement in any given joint action.
during a biceps curl, which muscle group is recruited during the eccentric contraction? triceps
what is the ideal strength training combination in regard to resistance and repetitions? 8 - 12 repetitions at 70 - 80 percent of max resistance.
name at least four common strength training mistakes. 1)use too much resistance 2)perform repetitions at a high speed 3)using poor form when performing exercise 4)completing too few or too many repetitions 5)not warming up prior to training 6)not stretching after training 7)not training every muscle
what is the difference between dynamic (isotonic) constant resistance equipment and dynamic (isotonic) variable resistance equipment? dynamic constant resistance equipment: strength training equipment that provides a constant resistance throughout the movement range. dynamic variable resistance equipment: strength training equipment that automatically varies the resistance throughout
what is isokinetic equipment? what is an isometric contraction? isokinetic equipment provides a fixed speed of movement and varies the restive force in accordance with the muscle force. isometric contraction: a contraction in which a muscle exerts force but does not change in length.
what are anabolic steroids? synthetic derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. used for their muscle-building characteristics.
what is progressive resistance? gradually adding more resistance during strength training exercises as one's strength increases.
what are physiological results of strength training? increased muscle fiber size, muscle contractile strength, tendon tensile strength, bone strength and ligament tensile strength.
give an example of dynamic constant resistance equipment. barbells.
give an example of dynamic variable resistance equipment. specially designed weight stack machines and air pressure equipment.
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