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Food Labels

What is the difference between a "serving size" and a "portion"? Serving size= standard unit of measure, suggested amount, easy to compare to other products. Portion= the amount you eat.
In the 5 and 20 rule, the 5 represents what? A product that has 5% DV of a nutrient is considered low in that nutrient (low can be good or bad depending on the nutrient)
In the 5 and 20 rule, the 20 represents what? A product that has 20%DV of a nutrient is considered high in that nutrient (high can be good or bad, depending on the nutrient).
List several sources of sodium in our diet. salty snacks, prepared foods, lunch meats, table salt
List several nutrients that you should LIMIT in your diet. Sodium, cholesterol, sugar and fat.
List several nutrients that you should try to GET ENOUGH OF in your diet. Vitamins, such as Vit A and C, minerals such as Calcium and Iron and also fiber.
Name at least 3 ingredients on a food label that represent added sugar. brown sugar, chocolate chips, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, corn syrup, and molasses, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, maltose, dextrose, sucrose, honey, and maple syrup.
Some ingredients from a food label that represent fat include: fats, oils, butter, and items that have fat in them such as milk, cheese, and chocolate.
What is the difference between a NUTRIENT and an INGREDIENT? An ingredient is what goes into making the product. A nutrient is what your body gets out of eating the product.
The ingredient in ANY food label that represents TRANS FATS is _________________ partially hydrogenated oil
On a food label, what does the %DV represent? It represents the % of the total that you should eat per day of that nutrient - that you get when you eat one serving of the product.
Which of the following ingredients represents "whole grains"? rolled oats, cracked wheat, multi-grain bread rolled oats
If a label says that 2 cookies = 150 calories. If you eat 6 cookies, how many calories have you eaten? 450
How are ingredients listed on a food label? By nutritional content, alphabetically, or by the amount the product contains? By the amount a product contains by weight, with the most listed first.
What is an important factor to consider when making decisions about protein? Many protein sources are also high in fat. Choose proteins that are lean - low in fat, especially saturated fat.
How can you get more vitamins and minerals in your diet? Eat more fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods.
How can you tell if the sugar in a product is natural sugar or added sugar? By looking at the ingredient list. Added sugars are on the ingredient list. Natural sugars are those that occur in whole foods naturally and are not a separate "sugar" ingredient.
What is the danger of eating too much sodium? High blood pressure.
Why are trans fat dangerous in our diet? They contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease.
What type of foods are most likely to contain trans fats? Processed packaged products, such as frozen pizza, crackers, snack foods and more.
What ingredient on a food label represents "trans fats"? Partially hydrogenated oils
Created by: kdungey