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(DMS) The Mongols

The Mongols

Mongols Horse-riding nomads that conquered lands that created the largest empire in history.
Genghis Khan The leader of the Mongols, and the single figure responsible for the rise of their empire.
nomadic/nomads People that do not live in a fixed community, but typically migrate from one place to another.
Silk Road The major trade route between China, India, and Europe.
cultural diffusion The spread of ideas (religion, inventions, innovations, traditions, etc.)
Marco Polo A European explorer that traveled to China during the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty.
Empire An extensive group of countries and kingdoms under a single authority.
Secondary Source Accounts written after the fact, which include interpretations/evaluations of primary sources.
Primary Source Original materials from the time period involved.
military tactics The science and art of organizing a military force, and techniques for using weapons to defeat an enemy.
Temujin Genghis Khan's birth name.
Dynasty A family of rulers.
mandarin A Chinese government official.
siege Military tactic focused on the attack of a city or fortification.
Yuan Dynasty The Mongol dynasty in China started by Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan's grandson.
Black Death The Bubonic plague; a disease that spread along trade routes and killed 25% of the world's population during the Middle Ages.
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