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Anthro Unit 3

Affinity Relationships (kinship) created by Marriage
Animatism An impersonal form of identifying powers that define, articulate, and engage the “supernatural”. Ex: Kung, who describe a substance or force called n/um that can be used to influence desired outcomes, such as healing an illness
Animism A personal form of identifying powers that define, articulate, and engage the “supernatural”. Ex: The Spiritists’ Dr.Fritz, the snake handlers’ Holy Spirit, or the Malaysians’ angry spirits
Bilateral Kin systems that reckon both sides of the family as being similarly related through both male and female links (like American family, “cousins” are “cousins” on both sides)
Bride Service A man must hunt for his wife’s family (Kung and Kiowa)
Bridewealth A practice in which the husband’s kin gives gifts to the wife’s kin at marriage.
Consanguinity Members of one's kinship who are related by blood line (birth).
Critical Medical Anthropology Apply biological, linguistic, and cultural anthropology to address health problems)
Descent The assignment of relatedness traced through common ancestry
Endogamy Prohibition on marriage within a certain group
Exogamy Prohibition on marriage outside a certain group
Functions of Religion These functions often include articulating the standards of right and wrong, addressing the unexplainable, easing the psychological stress brought by misfortune, displacing decision making, or promoting community cohesion and solidarity.
Incest Taboo Prohibition on marriage which regulates sex and/or marriage between people considered kin
Kinship “family” has consisted of large networks of relatives, or kin-networks, called Kinship
Magic Invoking or manipulating the supernatural to bear on a desired outcome
Matrilineal A form of unlineal decent only through mother’s family
Matrilocal After marriage, the couple must live with their bride’s family for a time
Patrilocal After marriage, the couple must live with the groom’s family
Monotheism Belief in a single God
Mythology The larger “truths” of a particular belief tradition
Patrilineal A form of unilineal decent only through father’s family
Polyandry One woman married to more than one man
Polygamy A marriage of one person to two or more spouses
Polytheism Belief in multiple spirits, beings, or gods
Religion A belief in and engagement with the supernatural
Ritual Patterned group practice meant to engage the supernatural (church service, healing ceremony, group prayer)
Syncretism A combination of Christian beliefs with a belief in the efficacy of spirits to affect the material world (a combo of religious beleifs)
Tradition of Disbelief A tradition that is firmly situated in ways the social sciences have traditionally taken up the study of religion
Unlineal Groups that trace decent much more formally through either males or females exclusively
Created by: sabrina.legarrea
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