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Mass Media -Final

Mass Media Final

Authentic Performance A live performance with an on-site audience
Mediated Performance A performance modified and adjusted for delivery to an audience by mass media
Miller Standard Current U.S. Supreme Court definition of sexually explicit depictions that are protected by the First Amendment from government bans
Highbrow/ Lowbrow Levels of media content sophistication that coincide with audience tastes
Public Relations A management tool to establish beneficial relationships
Social Darwinism Application to society of Darwin's survival-of-the-fittest
Ivy Lee Laid out fundamentals of public relations
John D. Rockefeller Jr. Ivy Lee client who had been the target of public hatred
P.T. Barnum Known for extravagant claims and hoaxes in publicity beginning in 1840's
George Creel Demonstrated that public relations works on a mammoth scale in World War1
Edward Bernays Early public relations practitioner whose practice and scholarship helped define the field
Lobbying Influencing public policy, usually legislation or regulation
William Caxton Printed first advertisement
Benjamin Day His penny newspaper brought advertising to a new level
Wayland Ayer Founded first ad agency
Shelf Life How long a periodical remains in use
Pass-Along Circulation All the people who see a periodical
Click-Through Fee A charge to advertisers when an online link to their ads is activated; also, a fee paid to web sites that host the links
David Oglivy Championed brand imaging
Probability Sampling Everyone in the population being surveyed as an equal chance to be sampled
Quota Sampling Demographics of the sample coincides with those of the whole population
Straw Polls Respondents select themselves to be polled; unreliable indicator of public opinion
Circulation Number of readers of a publication
Engagement Ratings The time that audience people stay with media products and advertisements
Anytime Anywhere Media Measurements (A2/M2) Nielsen plan to integrate audience measurements on a wide range of video platforms
Cohort Analysis Demographic tool to identify marketing targets by common characteristics
Psychographics Breaking down a population by lifestyle characteristics
Shawn Fanning Pioneered music file-swapping through original Napster
Steve Jobs The driving force behind the Apple Computer revival, ipod and itunes
First Amendment Provision in the U.S. constitution against government interference with free citizen expression, including media content
Arbitron Radio listener survey company
Objectivity A concept in journalism that news should be gathered and told value-free
Edward R. Murrow CBS television reporter who confronted McCarthy on demagoguery
Ethnocentrism Seeing things on the basis of personal experience and values
Aggregation Sites News sites that regurgitate news complied from elsewhere or that offer pass-through links to other sources
Johannes Gutenberg Invented movable metal type in 1440
Pulp Fiction Derisive term for cheap novels
Omar Mergenthaler Invented Linotype typesetting machine 1886
Frederick Ives Invented halftone in 1876
William Dickson Developed first movie camera
Lumiere Brothers Opened first motion picture exhibition hall
Emile Berliner Inventor of process for mass production of record music
Samuel Morse Inventor of telegraph
Guglielmo Marconi Transmitted 1st wireless message 1895
Philo Farnsworth Inventor of television
Tim Berners-Lee Created hypertext markup language and world wide web
Wikipedia User created and edited encyclopedia
CPM Cost per thousand
Frank Gannett Founder of Gannett media corporation
Associated Press Worlds largest news gathering organization; a nonprofit and a cooperative owned by member newspaper
Orson Welles His radio drama cast doubt on powerful effects theory
Paul Lazarsfeld Found voters are the most influenced by other people than by mass media
Agenda-Setting Media tell people what to think about, not what to think
Narcoticizing Dysfunctional People deceive themselves into believing they're involved when actually they're only informed
Cathartic Effect People release violent inclinations by seeing them portrayed
Aristotle Defended portrayals of violence
Albert Bandura Found that media violence stimulated aggression in children
Catalytic Theory Media violence is among factors that sometimes contribute to real-life violence
George Gerbner Speculated that democracy is endangered by media violence
Desensitizing Theory Tolerance of real-life violence grows because of media-depicted violences
Mass Communication Technology-enabled process by which messages are sent to large, faraway audiences
Film Literacy Competences to assess messages in motion media, such as movies, television and video
Media Literacy Competences that enable people to analyze and evaluate media messages and also to create effective messages for mediated delivery
Marketplace of Ideas The concept that a robust exchange of ideas, with none barred, yields better consensus
The Jazz Singer The first feature sound movie
Google Dominant search engine, created by sergey brin, larry page
Yahoo A major search engine and internet services company
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPAnet) Military network that preceded internet
Flikr Image and video hosting website
Twitter Platform for 140 or fewer character communications among computer and cell phone users
Greenwashing Hiding environmental abuses while claiming to be eco-friendly
Self-Righting Process Although people make occasional errors in truth-seeking, they eventually discover and correct them
Voice of America U.S. government-funded producer of broadcast and internet programming sent into nations with state-controlled media to articulate U.S. policies directly to the people
Golden Shield Firewall Chinese system to control internal internet communication within the country
Al-Jazeera Qatar-based satellite news channel for Arab audiences; now global
Dubai Media Incorporated Quasi-government agency building Dubai into a Mideast entertainment production center
Byline A line identifying the reporter or writer, usually atop an article
Edward Bernays Early public relations practitioner whose practice and scholarship helped define the field
Edward R. Murrow CBS television reporter who confronted McCarthy on demagoguery
Equal Time Rule Government requirement for stations to offer competing political candidates the same time period and the same rate for advertising
Fairness Doctrine Former government requirement that stations air all sides of public issues
Fourth Branch The press as an informally structured check on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of U.S. government
Framing Selecting aspects of a perceived reality for emphasis in a mass media message, thereby shaping how the audience sees the reality
George Creel Demonstrated that public relations works on a mammoth scale in World War 1
Horse Race An election campaign treated by reporters like a game-who's ahead, who's falling back, who's coming up the rail
Ivy Lee Laid out fundamentals of public relations
Leak A deliberate disclosure of confidential or classified information by someone who wants to advance the public interest, embarrass a bureaucratic rival or supervisor, or disclose incompetence or skullduggery
Lobbying Influencing public policy, usually legislation or regulation
Political Action Committee (PAC) Creations of corporations, labor unions and ideological organizations to collect money to support candidates
Public Relations A management tool to establish beneficial relationships
Sound Bites The actual voice of someone in the news, sandwiched into a correspondent's report
Swiftboating Smear campaigns, generally by 527's
Categorical Imperative A principal that can be applied in any and all circumstance with moral certitude
Copyright Protects the ownership rights of creative works, including books, articles and lyrics
Deontological Ethics Good actions flow from good processes
Fourth Branch of Government The mass media
Golden Mean Moderation is the best course
Misrepresentations Deception in gathering or telling information
Plagiarism Using someone else's work without permission or credit
Potter's Box Tool for sorting through the pros and cons of ethics questions
Prescriptive Ethics Follow the rules and your decision will be the correct one
Prudence Applying wisdom, not principles, to an ethics situation
Veil of Ignorance Making decisions with a blind eye to extraneous factors that could affect the decision
Interpersonal Communication Between two individuals, although sometimes a small group, usually face to face
Group Communication An audience of more than one, all within ear shot
Linguistic Literacy Competencies with a written and spoken language
Visual Literacy A competency at deciphering meaning from images
Stonewalling Hiding from media, staying inside (ex. Nixon, White House, Watergate)
Pilot A prototype television show that is given an on-air trial
Black Weeks Period when ratings are not conducted
Joan Kroc Widow of McDonald's founder. Secured future for NPR
Garrison Keiller His show- live audience variety show A Prairie Home 1974
Teleological Ethics Concerned with the consequences of actions
NPR National Public Radio
Clear Channel A chain that owned more than 1200 stations at its peak in 2005
CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Feedback Response to a message
Authoritarianism top down governance such as a monarchy or dictatorship
Prior Restraint Prohibiting expression in advance
Incitement Standard A four part test to determine whether an advocacy speech is constitutionally protected
Commercial Speech Legalese for advertising
Hate Speech Offensive expressions especially those aimed at racial, ethic and sexual orientation minorities
Communications Decency Act Failed 1996 and 1999 laws to keep indecent content off the internet
Christian Science Monitor National daily newspaper sponsored by the Christian Science Church
Wall Street Journal Nations largest newspaper began in 1882
Suspension of Disbelief Occurs when you surrender doubts about the reality of a story and become caught up in the story
Star System Making actors into celebrities to increase the size of movie audiences
Time Shifting Ability of viewer ti change when they access programming
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