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Horses Notes vet 1

Mare - Adult Female Horse 4-7 years old
Maden - Adult female horse that hasnt been breed
Stallion- Male horse that is intacted 4-7 years old
Sire - Male parent
Dam- Female parent
Foal - Newborn Horse until weaning
Filly- female baby horse under 4
Colt- Male baby horse under 4
Foaling- Act of giving birth
Tom- male horse that is able to breed
Gelding - a castrated male horse
A hand equals ? 4 inches
Stud- Male horse in the breeding program
Light horses ? Used for sports, 14.3-17 hands 900-1000 lbs
Ponies ? Smallest under 14.2 hands , less than 900lbs
Draft horses ? Large and muscular over 15 hands, more than 1400lbs
Jenny - Female donkey
Jack- Male donkey
Mule- A cross breed of a female horse and a male donkey
Hinny ? Will be produced with a cross breed of female donkey and a male horse
Horse have a nonruminant digestive system ? Which requires small amounts of food to be eaten and digested all day
Cecum - part in the intestient that breaks down grass
How many bones do they have ? 205 and live 20 years
What are riding horses used for ? For pleasure aand showing purposes
What are gaited horses ? Horses claasifed by their gate and popular with older riders
What are stock horses used for ? For ranches to herd and work with cattle
What are hunters and jumpers used for ? Hunters used for cross country fox hunting and jumping smaller fences and jumping are used for jumping large fences
What are racehorses used for ? Breed for speed and racing
What are ponies used for ? Used by children
What are draft horses used for ? Bred to pull heavy loads
What us EIA - Equine infectious anima its like his for humans and transmitted by fleas
What is the coggins test >/ Test to show if postive or neggatuve for EIA if postive hores will be destroyed or 600 yd away from horses
What are the four basic colors ? Bat ,chestnut, black , grey
Bay - Brown with black markings Light bay- brown hair with black points Dark Bay - Dark brown with black points Blood Bay - Reddish hair wiith black points
Brown horse - May have black or brown coat with lighter points around the face inner thigh girth
Chestnut - Orange/reddish brown Red- Bright red no black Light- light red/golden Liver- chocolate colored Flaxen-blonde mane & tail
Carmelo horse- Looks albino always has a diluted gene
Blackk horse - May have white markings
Grey - Bron a diffrent color grey as they get older it fades out in the face then the body
Palomino- light cream with flaxen mane and tail
Buckskin- Cream body with black markings
Roan - Blue roan- does not grey or fade mixture of white Strawberry roan Bay roan-brown with white and black points
Paint- Canh ave any base color
Appaloosa- Blanket appaloosa Leporard appaloosa
Star- any markings above the eyes
Strip- between the eyes and nose blaze if wide
Snip- Below the nose
How many times is a horse fed ? 2-3 times daily fed grains or hay
What are types of turnouts ? paddlock- used for one horse small pasture- many acres hold many horses out for 12 hrs
Grooming tools ? Curry comb, body brush, face brush,mane comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper
What are riding tools ? Halter ( lead rope) english or western saddle, girth, brindle, bit, saddle pads
What are some things you must do with horses ? Know their personailty to detect unnormal things
Anything out of the oridnary means ? Health probs
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