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Vettech Parasitology


Ancyclostoma caninum Hookworm
Trichuris vulpis Whipworm
Dirofilaria immitis Heartworm
Capillaria plica Canine bladderworm
Trichuris ovis Whipworm
Monezia spp. Ruminant tapeworm
Taenia spp. Tapeworm
Fasciola hepatica Liver fluke
Eucoleus aerophilus Capillarid lungworm
Filaroides spp. Canine lungworm
Diplyidium caninum Flea tapeworm
Diphyllobothrium latum Broad fish Tapeworm
Alaria spp. Intestinal Fluke of dogs and cats
Paragonimus kellicoti Lung fluke of dogs and cats
Mallophaga Chewing lice
Anoplura Sucking lice
Otodectes cynotis Ear mites
Demodex spp. Demodectic mange
Ixodes scapularis Deer tick
Amblyomma americanum Lonestar tick
Emeria spp. Ruminant coccidia
Cystoisospora spp. Small animal coccidia
Oxyuris equi Pinworm of horses
Parascaris equorum Equine roundworm
Aedes spp. Mosquito
Cuterebra spp. Warbles
Ctenochephalides spp. Fleas
Sarcoptes scabei scabies
Definative Host Supports sexual stage of parasite
Intermediate host Supports immature or asexual stage of parasite
Paratenic host Transport host
Prepatent period Time between infection and diagnostic stage
Rhipicephalus sanguineus Brown dog tick
Hypoderma spp. Cattle grub
Anopheles Mosquito
Created by: sschulert