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ANS final #3

test #3

1. Horse breeds are divided into 3 categories-which of the following is not a category? Pure bloods
2. The U.S. is the country with the highest horse population over 5 million True
3. Primary use of horses in the US is? Pleasure
4. Horse reproduction efficiency is 50% at the best? True
5. Horses possess incisors on both jaws? True
6. The mares average estrus cycle is normally_____________ days 21 days
7. Mules are generally sterile. True
8. High lamb percentage in sheep is 175%
9. The U.S. Sheep production is based upon two management systems. True
10. Sheep are considered _________________ breeders. Seasonal
11. An accelerated lambing program means. 3 lamb crops every 2 years
12. Cryptorchidism is an inherited problem in sheep? True
13. Over eating disease in sheep is called Enterotoxemia
14. Scrape Disease affects both sheep and goats? True
15. The country that has the most Swine is China
16. Average number of pigs born per litter. 10
17. Typical production operation for swine is _____________ litters per year per sow. 2.5
18. Hogs must be supplemented with B vitamins True
19. A 200 pound pig will require __________ gallons of water per day 3.5
20. Feed per pound of gain for hogs is ___________ 3-4 pounds
21. The biggest production problem with regard to swine is that the hogs are too lean? True
22. The leading country in poultry production is China
23. Some hens could produce over 300 eggs per year? True
24. Broilers will gain 1 pound per 1.9 pounds of feed. True
25. Chickens are considered as Omnivores True
26. The main use of broiler chicken is? Meat Production
27. Mexico has the highest egg consumption per capita in the world True
28. Which of the following is NOT a ratite? Guinea Hens
29. Aquaculture farming is done in marine, brackish or fresh water True
30. Aquaculture produces ____________% of the protein consumed by humans 15-20
31. Farm-raised catfish is the largest aquaculture industry in the US True
32. Aquatic animals are poorer converts of feed stuffs to gain than cattle, sheep and swine. False
33. World per capita consumption of aquaculture products is about 35 pounds True
34. Aquaculture growth is about ________% per year 10
35. Globally aquaculture is the fastest growing food producing industry. True
36. The most common pet is __________. Cats
37. Which is NOT a working animal Show Dog
38. Americans spend more than $4 billion a year on pets. True
39. What is the major value of a companion animal? Pleasure
40. What companion animal was first domesticated? Dogs
41. Baby boomer generation is the most common pet owning year? True
42. It is illegal in some states to own monkey? True
43. Which is the most contaminated seafood? Oysters
44. Sliced raw fish by itself is called Sushi? False
45. Fish possess tape worms that might affect humans. True
46. The Norovirus was formally called the Norwalk virus? True
47. Over 15 million pounds of oysters are consumed every year raw? True
48. Salmonella toxicity affects over 1 million people annually. True
49. It is recommended for health reasons to eat raw seafood? False
50. Harmful algae blooms are caused by Phytoplankton. True
Created by: Emilybwalsh



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