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ANS final #2

2nd test

1. Which of the following is not considered an essential nutrient? Cellulose
2. Which of the following are vegetable and meat eaters? Omnivorous
3. The small intestine of a bovine can be as long as 150 feet? True
4. In the chicken, food that is eaten goes directly into the crop. True
5. Cattle possess incisors on both jaws? False
6. In non-ruminants the bolus of food enters the stomach? True
7. In the ruminant animal, the rumen is considered a fermentation vat? True
8. Carnivores have the smallest large intestine? True
9. A horse is a monogastric herbivore? True
10. A substance in the diet that supports normal functions of the body is called a____________. Nutrient
11. Feed costs range from 50-80% of the cost of production of farm animals? True
12. Energy for ________________ has to be met before any other productive function. Maintenance
13. In ruminants volatile fatty acids provide 60-80% of the energy needs? True
14. Water in animals helps to regulate body temperature? True
15. Which of the following is not a carbohydrate? Acetate
16. Cellulose is an important source of energy for cattle, sheep and horses. True
17. Protein is used in the body for Lean Tissue Mass; Enzyme Function: Hormone Synthesis
18. Environmental temperature has a big influence on energy used on maintenance. True
19. Ration composition is composed of a term called nitrogen free extract, this extract is composed of sugars and starches. True
20. Female farm animals are typically leaner than intact or castrated males. False
21. Growth is an increase in body weight? True
22. Which of the following is NOT a phase of prenatal development? Placental
23. Birth weight ranges from 5-7% of the mature body weight in a farm animal. True
24. Smooth muscle is not found in the ________________. Heart Muscles
25. Skeletal growth maturity proceeds from anterior to posterior, in farm animals. False
26. Carcass composition of a meat animal is NOT composed of which of the following? Glucagon
27. The priority of nutrient prioritization is least in which of the following? Adipose system
28. Body composition changes with aging? True
29. Environmental conditions have little effect on animal production. False
30. With changing seasons two major changes occur, which of the following is NOT a major change? Wind
31. All livestock are homeotherms. True
32. In dairy cows, feed intake decreases when the temperature exceeds 80° F. True
33. The thermoneutral zone means ________________ stress to the animal. there is a balance in between cold and heat
34. With the metabolic adaptation to thermo stress there is a decrease in oxygen consumption? True
35. Inability to cope with other stresses could lead to a condition called white muscle disease in cattle. True
36. At higher body temperatures the hypothalamus plays a greater role in thermo panting. True
37. Cattle produce ______________% of all the milk consumed in the World. 91%
38. Per capita milk consumption in the U.S. is _______________. 540 pounds
39. A top producing dairy cow could produce 40,000 pounds or more of milk during a lactation. True
40. There are five dairy breeds in the U.S. which two are the primary breeds. Holstein/ Jersey
41. What percentage of milk productivity is due to heredity? 25%
42. In order for a fluid milk to be labeled as milk it must possess a minimum fat percentage of 3.25 percent? True
43. Organic milk is safer to drink than regular milk. False
44. Meat from cattle is known as beef, when raised in a feed lot they are known as feeder True
46. An udder score of 7 is the best for range cows? True
47. A cow with or without a non-weaned calf at her side is considered as a ______ animal unit 1.0
48. Finishing cattle in the feedlot will have daily gains of 2 pounds or better with _____ pounds of feed per pound of gain. 7
49. In the production of beef calves premise ID tagging could result in __________ increase in calf value. $40.00- $50.00
50. Artificial Insemination has greatly improved genetics in the beef industry True
45. The US beef industry includes three systems of production. True
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