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Animal Science Final

Test questions + answers

49. EPD’s are used for selection of animals, the letters stand for Expected Progeny Differences
48. Population genetics is based upon gene frequency? True
47. Breeding of an animal more closely related than the average is Inbreeding
46. The sex of the animal is determined by the x and y chromosomes. True
45. Phenotypic frequencies of a Dihybrid cross (BbPp x BbPp) is 9:3:3:1
44. A Zygote is a unit of heredity? False
43. Which of these cell division is a reduction division? Meiosis
42. Mammals have an organized nucleus True
41. Science dealing with heredity and variation is called Genetics
40. In mating a monohybrid (B-black,b-red) BbxBb, the genotypic ratio is 1:2:1
39. In over-dominance the heterozygous (Aa) is __________ to the homozygous dominant Superior
38. A dominated gene masks the phenotypic expression of its allele. True
37. An allele is an alternate form of a gene. True
35. Artificial Insemination has been beneficial in improving animal production. True
34. Which hormone maintains pregnancy? Progesterone
33. In male poultry, the testes remain in the body cavity. True
Identical Twins arise from One embryo
31. Testosterone is the primary female hormone. False
30. The failure of one or more testicles to descend is called Cryptorchidism
29. The scrotum helps regulate the heat of the testes True
28. Which of the following is NOT a part of the male reproductive system Urinary Bladder
27. A castrated male bovine is called a ___________________ Steer
26. The U.S. supplies _______% of the total world supply of food. 20%
25. The U.S. has ____________% of the world population. 5%
24. Bos Taurus cattle are humped. False
23. Which of the following is a farm animal class? Aves
22. Sheep production in the U. S. has decreased because Competition from other fabrics Palatability of meat Availability of Range for grazing
21. Which of the following is the farm animal phylum? Chordate
20. Taxonomy is a science of classifying animals into categories. True
19. Large amounts of pork were consumed in the early U.S. because of leanness. False
18. The introduction of barbed wire fences and the reduction of _______________ helped to increase cattle production in the U.S.. Buffalo
17. There is a synergistic relationship between natural selection and human domestication of animals. True
16. One farm in the U.S. will feed over 200 people True
15. There are ______ species of animals in the world. 1,500,000
14. You hire people for who they are and fire them for what they know. False
13. Technical skills can be taught but soft skills are difficult to teach. True
12. The following are trends in animal industry EXCEPT: Personal knowledge of food origin
11. The next 5-6 years __________ of the biggest companies will lose half of their senior management. 500
10. Farm production and AG services account for ____________ percentage of the work force. 2.6
9. One of the trends affecting future employment is public policy. True
8. The food Safety area offers large opportunities for people with advanced degrees. True
7. Statistics show a person will have over 10 jobs in their lifetime. True
6. Diversity of Agriculture brings more job opportunities with many highs and lows. True
5. Animal care at the U of A is the responsibility of: IACUC
4. The Laboratory Animal Welfare Act was started in: 1966
3. Who needs to be certified with IACUC if you are working with animals at the U of A? Students; faculty; staff
2. The Animal Welfare Act was initiated in : 1970
1. The 1970 Animal Welfare Act requires reports on animals by pain categories True
36. Females are born with _________ of the ova that may be ovulated during their life time. All
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