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Reasons for scratching mark territory, remove old nail tissue, maintain nail, stretch muscles
Reasons to declaw avoid damage to property, people, other pets, keep cats in homes, human health risk
Methods CO2 laser, resco nail trimmers, scalpel blade
Declaw complete removal of 3rd phalanx, or adequate removal of germinal epithelium (ungual crest)
Prep range from no prep to clip/shave/scrub, tourniquet- less than ten minutes, above or below elbow
Closure none, one absorbable- cruciate, mattress, glue- incision must be dry, one drop, before releasing tourniquet
Bandaging protection, +/- hemostasis, may not need with laser, tube gauze, not bulky, compression but not too tight, even, 24+ hours, 1-2 days hospitalization standard
Go Home Instructions indoor for life, no regular kitty litter for a week or so, try to limit jumping
Analgesics Nerve Blocks- lidocaine, bupivicain Opioids- buprenorphine, fentanyl NSAIDs- metacam, carprofen- one time, or a combo
Complications nail regrowth, excessive pain, excessive hemorrhage, swelling/infection, paralysis/ischemia
Alternatives nail trimming, pedi paws, deep digital flexor tenectomy- not recommended, behavior modification
Age Controversy young cats handle well, older cats have more recovery time, increased pain, and more psychological stress, unnecessary
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