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Cindy P

VT 126 final review

What is the biggest health issue in geriatric patients? Oral Health
True or false, feeding tubes are appropriate to use for life support. False
True or false, it is the veterinary staffs job to break through a clients denial and convince them to euthanize their pet. False
True or false, only dogs and cats can be microchiped. Flase, all animals can be microchiped.
Normal CRT is? Less than 2 seconds
True or false, a cation is a positively charged electrolyte. True
The over hydration of a patient when fluids are given rapidly or retained improperly. Hypervolemia
0.45% NaCl is what type of solution? Hypotonic
7.5% NaCl is what type of solution? Hypertonic
BAR stands for? Bright, Alert, Responsive.
OD stands for? Right eye
True or False: 60% of body weight is due to water. True
The calculation for hydration deficit is? %dehydration X body weight(kg) = Deficit(L)
The calculation for maintenance fluids is? 40-60 ml/kg/day
True or False: The maximum fluid rate for a cat is 30 ml/kg/hour. False, max is 50
True or False: Hypertonic fluids shrink the cell. True
A disease that affects a large portion of the population at the same time is a/an? Epidemic
What type of transmition needs close association or contact between the reviver and host? Direct transmition
What is included in signalment? age, breed, sex, and sexual status
True or False: You should always address the patients biggest problem first regardless of why the client brought them in. False, the clients primary concern should be addressed first.
When abbreviating the letter S is used for the right, left, or both sides? Left
1kg = how many lbs? 2.2lbs
1L = how many ml's? 1000ml's
PRN stands for? as needed
PO stands for? By mouth
Created by: VT126