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Mix of VT126 and VT135

What does SOAP stand for? Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
Normal CRT is? < 2 seconds
For what purpose do epidemiologists study disease? To help prevent, contain, and predict outbreaks
What must all livestock trailers pass through when entering a new state? Agricultural inspection "truck stops"
An example of an isotonic solution is? LRS
T or F? 0.45% NaCl is a hypotonic solution. T
T or F? 0.45% NaCl is a hypertonic solution. F
The prediction of the outcome of disease is the _________. prognosis
A disorder caused by physicians or veterinarians and the treatment ordered is called ________. iatrogenic
The ratio of diseased animals that die to diseased animals is known as ____________. mortality/fatality rate
Radiographic density is controlled primarily by ______. kVp
Equivalent dose of radiation is measured in: Sievert
Define kilovoltage peak. The maximum amount of energy that electrons can have at a particular kVp setting on the machine.
What happens to the image if the mAs is too low? Poor contrast due to low density.
What two vaccines are associated with vaccine sarcomas? Leukopenia & FVCRP
List the four core vaccines for both canine and feline patients. Canine distemper, feline distemper, canine rabies, feline rabies
T or F? Kennel cough is self-limiting. T
QAR quiet and resting
PCV packed cell volume
BAR bright, alert, responsive
What's another name for a BP cuff? Sphygmomanometer
What four effects can radiation have on living cells? Nothing, kill the cell, reparable damage, irreparable damage
What does NCRP stand for? National Council on Radiation Protection
Who is in control of radiation protection guidelines? US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
What is Santes' rule? kVp = 2 x thickness (in cm) + 40
What is the inverse square law? Intensity of radiation is inversely proportionate to the SID
What is another name for SID? FFD
What setting affects the number of x-rays produced? mA
How many mLs fit in one teaspoon? 5
How many mLs fit in one tablespoon? 15
Protective lead clothing worn while taking x-rays must be a minimum of _____ mm thick. 0.5
The proper name for an x-ray badge is: Dosimeter
The MPD for occupationally exposed persons over the age of 18 is: 5 rem yearly`
T or F? Animal's cells are not as susceptible to damage from irradiation as human cells. F
The normal heart rate for a dog is? 60-160 BPM
The normal heart rate for a cat is? 140-220 BPM
T or F? Air movement should be audible during both inspiration and expiration with minimal intensity for normal patients. T
T or F? Felines and canines age at the same rate as humans. F
Define distortion. The abnormal shape of a structure on a radiograph cause by its non-parallel placement to the film/image receptor.
What is radiographic quality determined by? Radiographic density, subject density, radiographic contrast, subject contrast, scatter, grid, machine settings
What is screen speed? The amount of x-rays needed for exposure
What is film speed? The necessary exposure for adequate density
What is film latitude? Margin of error
What do you do if penetration is adequate, but the film is too light? Increase mAs by 30-50%
What do you do if penetration is adequate, but the film is too dark? Decrease mAs by 30-50%
What do you do if penetration is inadequate, but the film is too light? Increase kVp by 10-15%
What if an animal is overpenetrated, and the film is too dark? Decrease kVp by 10-15%
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