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What are the 3 most common nematodes seen in dogs and cats? Roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms
what is another name for a roundworm ascarid
what intestinal parasites fall into the category of cestode tapeworms
what intestinal parasites fall into the category of trematode flukes
what intestinal parasites fall into the category of protozoan toxoplasmosis, giardia, coccidia
what are 3 scientific names for roundworms toxascaris leonina, toxacara cati, and toxacara canis
what is the scientific name for the most common hookworm seen in dogs and cats ancylostoma spp
what is the scientific name for whipworms trichuris vulpis
scientific name for kidney worm D. renale
scientific name for heartworms dirofilaria immitus
scientific name for esophageal worms spirocerca lupi
what specific shade do esophageal worms have paperclip
scientific name for the stomach worm pysoloptera
scientific name for the feline trichostrongylid and how is it transmitted ollanus tricuspis, via cat vomitus
what is the most common method used for detection of intestinal parasites fecal floatation
what is the best way to detect a protozoan direct fecal
can you see vomitus in a fecal floatation device to check for intestinal parasites yes
Adult roundworms look like what in vomit or stool spaghetti
tapeworm segments look like what around the anus and what is their specific name rice, progglottids
most nematodes are ingested by their host, go into the intestines, migrate to the lungs, and then what are coughed up, reswallowed, and excreted in feces
what two intestinal parasites are commonly dormant until the animal becomes pregnant? hooks and rounds
what are two ways that a puppy or kitten would get intestinal parasites from mom transplacental and transmammary
round worms cause_____ in children visceral larval migrans
hookworms can cause severe _____ in puppies or kittens if the infection is severe enough anemia
hookworms most commonly infect humans thru ___ barefeet
hookworms cause ____ in people cutaneous larval migrans
scientific name for intestinal threadworm strongyloides
the ends of whipworm eggs are called operculum
scientific names for pinworms enterobius spp and oxyuris equi
microfilaria must develop in an intermediate host, which is mosquito
scientific name for the intestinal nematode of horses known as horse bots gastrophilus spp
scientific name for the stomach worms of horses habronema spp, drachsia spp
what is the best test for diagnosing pinworms cellophane tape test or scraping the rectum
scientific name for the eyeworm thelazia lacrymalis
trichostrongyloids fall into what category of intestinal parasites nematodes
what can people get from eating under cooked pork trichinella
unlike most intestinal parasites, where do whipworms reside cecum
scientific name for tapeworms obtained from fleas/grain mites diplydium caninum
scientific name for tapeworms obtained from rodents/rabbits taenia spp
is it common to see tapeworm eggs on a fecal floatation no, they are too heavy
which tapeworm egg is refered to as "cucumber seed" because it houses many egg in a packet diplydium caninum
what species of tapeworm is the worst kind to get and will cause hydated cysts echinococcus spp
what do trematodes look like leaf shaped body, not segmented
where do flukes usually reside liver/lungs and primarily the intestinal tract
the immediate host for trematodes is the____ snail
most common intestinal fluke of dogs and cats alaria spp
isospora, eimeria, cryptosporidium, and toxoplasmosis are all in what class of protozoans coccidia
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