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Alimentary System

Vet 108

pertaining to the tongue glossal or lingual
pertaining to the cheek buccal
pertaining to the lip labial
pertaining to the palate palatal
pertaining to around the teeth periodontal
pertaining to gengiva gingival
the mouth and throat oropharynx
pertaining to the esophagus esophageal
pertaining to the stomach gastric
pertaining to the intestines enteric
pertaining to the ileum and the cecum ileocecal
pertaining to the liver hepatic
around contraction peristalsis
small pouches or sacculations found in the colon and rectum haustrations
act of swallowing deglutition
act of defecating defecation
after a meal postprandial
the presence of slime mucus
resembling mucus mucoid
beneath mucus submucosal
pertaining to milky; lymphatic vessel of a villus used for fat absorption lacteal
an enzyme of fat lipase
an enzyme of starch amylase
process of feces/during eating coprophagia
condition of bloody feces hematochezia
passage of loose, fatty feces steatorrheic
condition of fatty blood lipemia
condition of excessive saliva hypersialosis
inflammation of the stomach and intestines gastroenteritis
inflammation of the colon colitis
inflammation of the peritoneum peritonitis
a condition of bilirubin in the blood; yellow-pigmented by product of hemoglobin breakdown bilirubinemia
state of difficult eating dusphagia
inflammation of the mouth stomatitis
a state with no appetite anorexia
telescoping of part of the intestine into an adjoining part intussusception
juice in the chest; milky, fat-laden fluid chylothorax
pertaining to the mouth and stomach orogastric
pertaining to being against vomiting antilemetic
pertaining to being against diarrhea antidiarrheal
to cut the flank/abdomen; an abdominal surgery laparotomy
a surgical procedure in which the intestine is incised/cut into enterotomy
to surgically remove part or all of the colon colectomy
surgical creation of an artificial opening into the stomach gastrostomy
surgical fixation/suturing of the omentum, often to the abdominal wall omentopexy
surgical fixation/suturing of the stomach usually to the abdominal wass gastropexy
inspection of the stomach using an endoscope;viewing of the stomach gastroscopy
a cleft palate palatoschisis
suffix indicating surgical fixation (suturing) of a structure -pexy
abnormally large colon megan colon
the largest portion of small intestine jejunum
proximal most segment of the small intestines duodenem
hardest substance of the body that covers the crowns of carnivores teeth enamel
fixation of the abomasum to the peritoneal wall abomasopexy
the porous bony material of a tooth surrounding the pulp cavity dentin
dead tissue necrosis
beneath the tongue sublingual
a drug that alters vomiting antemetic
substance produced by the liver that helps emulsify fats in the digestive process bile
larges fermentative chambers of bovine stomach rumen
the "honeycombed" chamber of an ovine stomach reticulum
jaundice Icterus
a suffix meaning "to view" -scopy
suffix indicating creation of an opening or "mouth" -stomy
eating feces coprophagia
inflammation of the liver hepatitis
surgical connection between two hollow, such as loops of a bowel anastamosis
_______ enzymes, such as amylase, lipase, and trypsin that are secreted into the small bowel for digestion pancreatic
fourth chamber of a ruminant stomach; the "true" stomach abomasum
abdominal incision laparotomy
distal sphincter of the stomach pyloric
hepatic function in which new sugars are produced gluconeogenesis
suffix meaning "to cut" -tomy
pertaining to black feces melenic
the "gums" gingiva
suffix indicating surgical removal of a part -ectomy
microbial process of equine cecum and bovine rumen that producees by-products such as methane, CO2 & volatile fatty acids fermentation
twisting of a portion of the bowel volvulus
inflammation of the stomach glossitis
a state of fatty blood lipemia
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