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Mass Media Ch. 11

Mass Media Chapter 11 quiz

Johannes Gutenberg Progenitor of advertising media
William Caxton Printed first advertisement
John Campbell Published first ad in British colonies
Benjamin Day His penny newspaper brought advertising to new level
Wayland Ayer Founded first ad agency
Media Plans Lay out where ads are placed
Cost Per Thousand (CPM) A tool to determine the cost-effectiveness of different media
Media Reach Size of audience exposed to an advertisement through a particular medium
Audit Bureau of Circulations Verifies circulation claims
Shelf Life How long a periodical remains in use
Pass-Along Circulation All the people who see a periodical
Sponsored Link On-screen hot spot to move to an online advertisement
Click-Through Fee A charge to advertisers when an online link to their ads is activated; also, a fee paid to web sites that host the links
Advergame A sponsored online game, usually for an established brand at its own site
Brand A nongeneric product name designed to set the product apart from the competition
David Ogilvy Championed brand imaging
Brand Image Sign put on a brand name
Store Brands Products sold with a store brand, often manufactured by the retailer. Also called house brands and private labels
Branding Enhancing a product image with a celebrity or already established brand name, regardless of any intrinsic connection between the product and the image
Lowest Common Denominator Messages for broadest audience possible
Unique Selling Proposition Emphasizes a single feature
Rosser Reeves Devised unique selling proposition (USP)
Jack Trout Devised positioning
Positioning Targeting ads for specific consumer groups
Ad clutter So many competing ads that all lose impact
Flight (or wave) Intense repetition of ads
Viral Advertising Media consumers pass on the message like a contagious disease, usually on the internet
Stealth Ads Advertisements, often subtle, in nontraditional, unexpected places
Product Placement Writing a brand-name product into a television or movie script
TiVo A television recording and playback device that allows viewers to edit out commercials. A competing device is ReplayTV
Infomercial Program-length broadcast commercial
'Zine Magazine whose entire content, articles and ads, pitches a single product or product line
Created by: Meg0301