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Mass Media ch.10

Mass Media Chapter 10 quiz

Public Relations A management tool to establish beneficial relationships
Dialogic Theory Dialogue-based approach to negotiating relationships
Commonweal The general welfare or public good
News Release A tool in public relations to provide information or promotion in news media
Media Kit A packet provided to news reporters to tell the story in an advantageous way
Video News Release A television news story look-alike created by public relations people
William Henry Vanderbilt Embodied the bad corporate images of the 1880's, 1890's with "The public be damned"
Social Darwinism Application to society of Darwin's survival-of-the-fittest theory
Charles Darwin Devised survival-of-the-fittest theory
Ivy Lee Laid out fundamentals of public relations
Ludlow Massacre Colorado tragedy that Ivy Lee converted into a public relations victory
John D. Rockefeller Jr. Ivy Lee client who had been the target of public hatred
P.T. Barnum Known for extravagant claims and hoaxes in publicity beginning in 1840's
Puffery Inflated claims
George Creel Demonstrated that public relations works on a mammoth scale in World War 1
Elmer Davis Led Office of War Information in World War 2
Arthur Page Established the role of public relations as a top management tool
Strategic Communication Campaigns and messages to advance long-term goals, usually through mass media
Media Relations Focusing on relationships with journalists to facilitate coverage
Media Opportunity Staged event to attract media attention
Image Management A public relations function to create, groom and nurture client images
Edward Bernays Early public relations practitioner whose practice and scholarship helped define the field
Crisis Management A public relations function, ideally to devise plans to deal with possible crises ahead of time
Search Advertising Ads show up on-screen whenever you click a search term chosen by an advertiser
Lobbying Influencing public policy, usually legislation or regulation
Government Relations Lobbying
Political Communication Advising candidates and groups on public policy issues, usually in elections
Astroturfing A pseudo-grassroots campaign, usually in politics; a take-off of the brand name for an artificial grass product
Whitewashing Covering up
Greenwashing Hiding environmental abuses while claiming to be eco-friendly
Social Media News Release Internet-based news releases with links to related material and interactive opportunities for news reporters
Created by: Meg0301