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Music quiz 3

Impressionism >No rules. >Focused on your perceptions and sensations. >Because it's your impression, it can't be wrong.
> Claude Debussy French Preludes, Book 1 Prelude to the afternoon of a faun
Tone poem A piece for music that provokes emotion.
Arnold Schoenburg Pierrot Lunaire > 21 songs for solo piano and small ensemble> From Austria Germany, moved to US >Suite for piano, op. 25 - Gigue (12 tone method)
Expressionism > Represent inner moods and thoughts > Not necessarily "beautiful"
Sprechstimme Speech voice
Atonal No key center
12 tone method Music by math
Igar Stravinsky >The firebird ( Ballet) >The Rite of spring- Huge orchestra >Russian, moved to paris, then become US citizen Part 1: The adoration of the Earth Part 2: The great sacrifice
Ballet Comprised of primarily orchestral music that provokes a story that people dance too.
Polytonality Puts 2 harmonies together that do not go together.
Ostinato rhythm Repeated and never changed.
Tonal Central pitch that the music gravitates around.
Atonal >No harmonic pitch or center. >All notes have equal weight and importance.
Charles Ives The unanswered question: > Strings play throughout represent the silence of the druids. > Solo trumpet interjects throughout and represents the unanswered question. > Wind quartet answers the trumpets question. > From CT
Wind Quartet 2 flutes, 2 clarinets.
William Grant Still First African American to have a symphony preformed by a major organization > A black Pierrot >From Mississippi
Chromatic Harmony Tonal, but uses all the notes. (Black and White keys.)
Aaron Copeland "Hoe-Down" From Rodeo> Open scoring Fanfare for the common man >Brooklyn NY
Open Scoring Uses the lowest the highest notes.
Fanfare (Genre.) Meant to announce something, usually brassy.
Leonard Bernstein Conductor of the New York Film harmonic. > West Side story: Musical >From New York
Musical A spoken drama with a substantial amount of singing
John Cage Born in LA, moved to NY
Aleatory Music chance music, no control over the notes dynamics; instruments is all by chance. > Text read aloud to last exactly one minute. > Text accompanied by a musician in another room.
Musique concrete music created by real, every day, objects
Phillip glass Baltimore > Einstein on the beach
Minimalism a brief musical idea that is repeated & varied Incrementally over a long period of time, with a relatively slow rate of change
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