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tool any instrument used in doing work.
hand tool any tool operated by hand that makes use of muscle power.
Power tool a tool operated by some source other than human power.
Layout tool a tool used to measure or mark wood, metal or other materials.
cutting tool a tool used to cut, chop, saw, or otherwise remove material.
saw a tool used to cut wood or other materials.
boring tool any device used to drill a hole.
driving tool a tool used to move another tool or object.
holding tool a tool used to grip wood, metal, plastic, or other materials.
turning tool a tool used to turn nuts, bolts, or screws.
hammer a type of tool used for driving of other implements and hardware.
pliers a common tool used to grip wood, plastic, metal, or other materials.
wrench very basic hand tool group used to turn nuts, bolts, or screws.
chisel tools used to cut metal, masonry products, or wood, depending on the type.
punch used to align holes to insert a pin
screwdriver a turning tool with a straight tip, phillips tip, or special tip.
clamp used to draw or hold objects together.
wrecking tool used as pry bars to pry apart boards that are nailed together.
digging tool any device used to turn up, loosen, or remove earth.
fastener a device used to hold two or more pieces of material together or in place.
adhesive a sticky substance used to bind two materials.
nail a fastener with a single point that is driven into the material it holds
diameter the distance across the center of a circle or round object.
shank the non threaded part of a nail or screw.
head the flat part of a valve; the enlarged part on top of a nail or screw; cylinder cover containing the spark plug and combustion chamber.
penny a unit of measure used to designate the length of most nails.
galvanized coated with zinc for rust resistance.
screw a fastener with threads that bite into material as its turned.
threads grooves of even shape and taper wrap continuously around a shank hole.
square head a head that has four equal sides.
hex head a bolt or nut that have six sides.
slotted-head screw a screw with one straight slot across the head.
Phillips-head screw a screw with screwdriver slots in the shape of a plus sign.
Allen screw a screw with a six sided hole in the head.
drywall screw a hardened steel-threading screw.
machine bolt a fastener with a square or hex head on one end and threads on the last inch or so on the other end.
cap screw a hex head screw that is threaded over its entire length and is generally 2 inches or shorter.
carriage bolt a threaded fastener with a round head over square shoulders.
strap hinge a long narrow hinge that mounts the front surface of a door.
t hinge a hinge that is shaped like the letter T.
screw hook and strap hinge a large hinge composed of a hook and a strap,used on gates.
hasp a flat, hingelike device used for attaching a padlock on a door or gate.
gussets a plate or bracket used to reinforce a wood or metal joint
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