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Mslew test

Neurological quiz

Paralysis of hind limbs paraplegia
inflammation of spinal cord myelitis
portion of brain that coordinates motor activity cerebellum
portion of the neuron that receives stimulation dendrite
a hematoma that is an accumulation of blood beneth the dura mater subdural
another word for motor nerve fibers, to carry out afferent
the portion of the diencephalon that controls thermoregulation hypothalamus
inflammation of the brain and spinal cord encephalomyelitis
a difficult gait dysmetria
a condition of deficient sodium in the blood hyponatremia
major nerve of pelvic limb that, with its branches, provides motor control for the flexor muscle of the limb sciatic nerve
the enzyme that removes acetylcholine from the synaptic cleft acetylcholinesterase
disease transmission between animals and people zoonosis
First cranial nerve olfactory nerve
state without sensation anesthesia
a disease of unknown cause idiopathic
portion of brain providing conscious thought and memory cerebrum
abreviation for upper motor neuron umn
underdevelopment of the cerebellum caused by the feline panleukopenia virus cereabellar hypoplasia
an exaggered gait hypermetria
a condition of excessive potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
the phase of the neurotransmitter when sodium and potassium ions return to their original locations repolarization
paralysis of one side of the body hemiplegia
inflammation of the brain encephalitis
pertaining to the cerebrum and spine Cerebrospinal
half a ball or globe hemishpere
upon the dura epidural
pertaining to the body somatic
pertaining to an organ or organs visceral
self control autonomic
choline work cholinergic
sympathy imitation clinically refers to any agent that mimics the sypathetic activity of the autonomic nervous system sympathomimetic
against choline anticholinergic
parasympathetic breakage parasympatholytic
star cell astrocyte
accessory, supportive structures of neural tissue pertaining to nerve neuroglial
a cell with few dendritic branches, a little "tree" cell oligodendrocyte
lines the ventricles of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord ependymal
smallest of the neuroglial cells microglial
two poles bipolar
one pole unipolar
many poles multipolar
refers to axon axonal
fibers are branched like a tree dendritic
pertaining to a synapse synaptic
inflammation of a nerve or nerves neuritis
inflammation of a meninx meningitis
inflammation of the brain encephalitis
partial impairment of the hind limbs paraparesis
synonym for sympathomimetic adrenergic
at resting potential of neuron , the intracellular ion in high concentration potassium
the portion of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the body axon
a blood accumulation under the dura subdural hematoma
a condition of underdevelopment hypoplasia
excess accumulation of CSF in cerebral ventricles; a water head hydrocephalus
a state without pain analgesia
an injury receptor nociceptor
a state without sensation anesthesia
condition of excessive sensation hyperesthesia
paralysis of all four limbs tetraplegia/ quadriplegic
paralysis of one side of the body hemiplegia
pertaining to smell olfactory
pertaining to vision optic
recording of the spinal cord myelogram
recording of electricity of the brain electroencephalogram
nerve influencing neurotropic
phase of neurotrasnmission when intracellular potassium and extracellular sodium activity difuse across neuronal membrane depolarization
the discs that cushion between the spinal bones intervertebral
the insulation of nerve fibers myelin
the autonomic branch that provides for rest and digestion parasympathetic
the autonomic branch that provides for fight or flight sympathetic
uncoordinated stumbling Ataxia
nerve fibers that use the neurotransmitter acetylcholine cholinergic
synonym parasympatholytic anticholinergic
the bare portions of myelinated nerve fibers nodes of ranvier
a diagnostic procedure in which dye is injected into the subarachnoid space myleogram
at resting potential of a neuron, most important extracellular ion sodium
sensory nerve fibers, to carry to efferent
an agent that relieves pain analgesic
what is the gray matter in the brain cytons
depressions or groves of the cerebrum sulci
what is the white matter in the brain extensions
bulging ridges of the cerebrum gyri
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