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Intro two

A typical Veterinary staff consists of.. Vet-techs, Vet-assistants, Kennel Worker, Receptionist and a Office manage
Small animal practice Dogs + Cats
Small animal & companion Practice Dogs, Cats, guniea pigs, rabbits, birds and reptiles
Goal of the Veterinary staff to provide the best care and services for both the client and patient.
What Is preventative health care Regular Physical exams(yearly exam) and vacinations
Job of the Vet-tech and assistant 1. Influence client to have diagnostic test performed on pet. 2. Responsible for giving client an over view of pets health care needs. 3. Make sure all their questions are answered and are correct.
What does a average small animal practice employ 2 Veterinarians, 3 Vet-techs and 3 Vet-assistants
What Is a mobile Vet Usually works alone or with a Vet-tech or assistant. Does house visits.
What are some things vets can specialize in? 1. Ophthalmology 2. Oncology 3. Internal Medicine 4. Equine Medicine 5. Emergency Medicine
What Is a large animal practice Farm animals. Usually have mobile clinics and can limit to one specie. May employ a Vet-tech/assistant or get help from the herd/stable manager. (most focus in disease prevention)
What Is a mixed animal practice Both large and companion animals. Combines an mobile practice with hospital design modifications. Allow in-house treatment of some Large animal.
What does the "AAHA" mean and who do they accredit? "American Animal Hospital Association" Accredits companion animal practices.
What are the AAHA's requirements 1. Top-quality equiptment 2. A highly trained staff 3. Regular inspections
What does "AAALAC" mean and what are their requirements Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. 1. Evaluate all operational aspects of bio-medical research facility.
Who provides nutritonal information and training advice to clients? Vet-tech
What Is a veterinary Technician Specialist A Vet-tech with additional post-graduate training
How does a Vet-assistant get their training? Train on job or through a vocational program
What must the Vet-assistant know how to do 1. Must have knowledge of animal behavior 2. Must know how to properly restrain animals 3. Maintain, clean and steralize equiptment and supplies
What is the kennel aide's job 1. Keep area clean and stocked 2. Know animal handling + behavior 3. Observe the animals
Where Is the kennel aide trained On the job
What is the job of the Veterinary Receptionist 1. Answer the phone 2. Schedule appointments 3.Greeting clients 4. Filing papers 5. Collects payments 6. MUST be friendly and cheerfu
What is the job of the Veterinary practice manager 1. Responsible for all business aspects 2. Hiring, inventory, maintanence, maintain accounting records, pay bills and pay roll.
What is the reception area for -Greet clients -Appointment scheduling -Paying payments -Display of pet products -Retrieving files and records
What Is the examination room Where client/patient meets Vet-tech & assistant -Record temperature, pulse and heart rate -Blood samples and test are taken -Vet comes in and greets client/patient and completes the visit
What Is the surgical suite -Where the opearting takes place -Surgical anesthetic supplies and equipment -Has at least 3 rooms/parts
What is the first room of "SS" for Prepping animals prior to surgery -Hair is clipped and skin is scrubbed -Equipment is prepared
What is the second room of "SS" for -Operation -Minimal cabinets/counter tops in this room (less debris)
What is the third room of "SS" for Monitoring the animal during recovery * A lot of the Vet-tech's time takes place here
What is the treatment area for Where inpatients recieve meds or diagnostic procedures -Outpatients recieve bandage changes *Clients sometimes come in here *Vet tech supervises this area
What is the Grooming area for Bathing and grooming the animal - Several cages are in this room - Used for storage *Vet-tech manages this area
What is the hospital ward fo Confinment area for pre/post surgical inpatients and those awaiting/undergoing/recovering from med treatments. -Single room with many cages. OR a suite with seperate rooms *Vet-assistant keeps area clean and helps Vet-tech observes patients
What is the isolation area for - Where animals are placed in seperate cages that have easily transmitted diseases - Stocked with medical equipment and supplies - Disinfectant foot bath at entrance and exit
What is the X-ray room for Where X-ray machiene is located - Creates radiographs - Lead aprons, gloves, collars and lead glasses * Often located next to surgical suite
What Is the laboratory area for Clinical diagnostic procedures - Microscope + equipment are located for analyzing blood *May be a part of the treatment area *Vet-tech processes test samples(urine, blood, serum) and records data.
What is the pharmacy area for Where meds and related supplies are stored *Vet-tech maintains inventory
Every room except what two have storage areas The examination room and operating room
What does laboratory animal technician do Feeds, comfort, observes and gives the animals daily care - Maintains proper enviromental conditions -May do Vet-tech procedures *Supervised by Veterinarian
What does a assistant laboratory animal technician do Assists Laboratory animal tech -keeps animals and their enviroment clean *Similar to a Vet-assistant
What does a pet shop attendant do feeds, cleans, bathes and grooms -checks for sickness in animals daily -Instructs customers about proper client care
What does a salesperson do *Often is a Vet-tech selling merchandise for a company and giving advice/input on a certain product
What does a dog trainer do Trains dogs - Needs to have expierience -May own or operate a obidience school
What does a animal shelter aide do -Cares for stray dogs at shelters -Keeps animals and cages clean -Feeds the animals -Gives first aide -Performs euthanasia -Adoption
What does a zoo animal care taker do -Feeds, observes and cleans -Often works with 1 or 2 species
What does a wildlife rehabilitator do -Cares for injured/orphaned animals -works with a veterinarian -Teaches life skills to the orphaned animals
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