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What is sociobiology Biological bases of social behavior
What is ethology The study of animal behavior
What is instinct It is what enables species to respond
What is natural selection Survival and reprodudctive sucess
Give me an example of an involuntary response? Dogs salivating at the site of food
What animal behaviors originated through conditioning? classical: happens at the same time during the day and operant: punishment/reward
What is a fixed action pattern Predictable behavior
What is possitive reinforcment immediate pleasent reward that follows a behavior
What is negative reinforcment Immediate un pleasant occurance to enforce a behavior
What is punishment Used to decrease a behavior
What is imprinting Enables young to identify with their species. Allows young to recognize their parents.
When does impriting occur during the sensitive period
What time in a cat and dogs life does the sensitive period occur 2nd/3rd week, to 12th week after birth.
What is socialization adapting process. They learn how to interact.
When does socialization happen in puppies 4 to 14 weeks old
When does socialization happen in kittens 2 to 8 weeks old
When is the puppy fear period 8 to 10 weeeks old
What is aggression impulse to harm and it can prevent proper socialization
what technique do you use for elimination A possitive reinforcement. Show elimination area and reward when using.
True or false. Prevention is easier than correction true
What are the signs of seperation anxiety Barking, anorexia and innapropriate elimination
What is a sign of conflict related aggression used agression to lessen its fear.
What is fear induced aggression when an animal can't escape the situation. (loud noises, children, etc)
What is the most common predatory agression in cats and dogs Dogs- young children or small pet Cat- Rodents and birds
Pain induced agression when an animal is in pain but continues to fight.
what is inter male aggression It's between male dogs and cats.
Can inter male agression be treated yes by castration or medication
most common territorial agression in dogs and cats dogs: unknown humans cats: other cats
What is maternal agression when a mother is protecting her young from danger
What is house soiling when an animal goes to the bathroom inside
Three main reasons why birds bite - fear -excitment -aggression
What are two bird behavior problems -poop in water bowl -Biting/squawking
What are two rodent behavior problems -biting -aggression
What is a behavioral history form Identifys potential problems
Four main components when treating a problem 1.Trust 2.Reward 3.Reprimand 4.Consistency
Two types of rewards Vocal and edible
What is a command response reward -To train an animal -Immediate reward everytime -No punishment
What is clicker training -the clicking is made to correct a behavior OR is used when giving a reward
What is extinction completely removing the reinforcement for the behavior
What is aversion therapy Creating a relationship with a unpleasent object
What is avoidance therapy Use of negative reinforcement to diminish a behavior
What is habituation Causing the problem untill animal is no longer afraid of it.
What is counterconditioning Replacing a bad behavior with a good one
What is desensitization Gradually exposing till comfortable
What is a technique you use on a rodent to get it to stop a behavior The bath technique
What is the most common technique used on a bird to get it to stop biting wobble technique
What do behavior modification programs do? Treat behavior problems and teach new habits
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