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Vet tech 108 Quiz

cross word puzzle on page 131 of MT (cardiovascular system)

The heart chamber to which the blood returns Atrium
The condition of a slow heart rate bradycardia
Pertaining to an agent that influences the myocardium Inotropic
The smallest vessel of the body capillary
The large artery carrying blood from the left ventricle Aorta
Reduction of vessel lumen size from muscular contraction of the vessel wall Vasoconstriction
The process of vessel dilation Vasodilation
A condition of a fast heart rate tachycardia
The transmitter of heart worm disease Mosquito
An artery used as a pulse point, found on the ventral tail Coccygeal artery
Puncture of the sac that surrounds the heart for removal of fluid Pericardiocentitis
What does CRT stand for? Capillary refill time
An abnormal heart sound charachterized by a swooshing sound from blood turbulence murmer
The phase of the cardiac cycle when the heart is relaxed and filling Diastole
A state of abnormally low blood pressure Hypotension
Inflammation and clotting of a vein Thrombophlebitis
A valve found between an atrium and the next chamber atrioventricular valve
A condition without rhythm Arrhythmia
A vein used for blood collection that is found in the ventrolateral neck Juluar vein
Collecting blood from a vein Phlebotomy
A state of abnormally low blood volume Hypovolemia
First heart sound "lub"
Second heart sound "dub"
Another word for the heart muscle Myocardium
Edematous fluid accumulating in the abdominal cavity Ascites
The large vein carrying blood to the right atrium Vena Cava
A diagnostic procedure using sound waves to evaluate heart function Echocardiography
A common name for the left AV valve Mitral valve
The sum of heart rate plus stroke volume Cardiac output
The phase of the cardiac cycle when the heart is contracting Systole
The complex, seen on ECG that indicates venticular depolarization QRS
A forecast for the outcome of a disease Prognosis
An instrument used to measure blood pressure Sphygmomanometer
The vein used for phlebotomy found on the distal rear limb Saphenous vein
What does ECG stand for? Electrocardiogram
The valve that leads to the artery that carries blood to the lungs Pulmonic valve
Excessive development Hypertrophy
A clinician specializing in the heart Cardiologist
The absence of cardiac activity Asystole
Disease of the heart muscle Cardiomyopathy
The terminal fibers of the cardiac conduction system Purkinge fibers
A condition of narrowing Stenosis
Suppressed blood flow to an area Ischemia
The enlargement of the heart Cardiomegaly
A tiny vein Venule
Deficient in oxygen Hypoxia
Water in the chest Hydrothorax
A disease an animal is born with Congenital
The vein in the fore limbs Chephalic vein
The artery in the neck Carotid artery
The tissue membrane surrounding the heart Pericardial
Thin moist superficial layer of the heart Epicardium
Tissue layer lining the inside of the heart Endocardium
A small artery Arteriole
Another word for vein or veins? Venous
Inflammation of the vein Phlebitis
Radiographic procedure in which radiopaque dye is injected into the vasculature for better visualization of the vessels Angiogram
Pertaining to within a vein Intravenous
Around a vessel Perivascular
Between the atria Interatrial
Between the ventricles Interventricular
Inflammation within the heart Endocarditis
Condition of a clot Thrombosis
"The act of stuffing" or interuption of the aterial blood supply to the area Infarction
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