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Pharm Fall 2012

epinephrine adrenergic agonist, alpha and beta
phenylpropanolamine adrenergic agonist, alpha and beta
dopamine adrenergic agonist, alpha 1, beta 1
dobutamine adrenergic agonist, alpha 1, *beta 1*, beta 2
phenylephrine adrenergic agonist, alpha 1
isoproteronol adrenergic agonist, beta 1 & beta 2
albuterol adrenergic agonist, beta 2
clenbuterol adrenergic agonist, beta 2
carvedilol adrenergic antagonist, alpha 1, beta 1, beta 2; class II antiarrhythmic
phenoxybenzamine adrenergic antagonist, alpha 1 & 2
propanolol adrenergic antagonist, beta 1 & 2; class II antiarrhythmic
timolol adrenergic antagonist, beta 1 & 2
atenolol adrenergic antagonist, beta 1
bethanecol cholinergic agonist, direct, muscarinic
pilocarpine cholinergic agonist, direct, muscarinic
carbachol cholinergic agonist, direct, muscarinic & nicotinic
physostigmine cholinergic agonist, indirect, muscarinic & nicotinic
neostigmine cholinergic agonist, indirect, muscarinic & nicotinic
edrophonium cholinergic agonist, indirect, muscarinic & nicotinic
pyridostigmine cholinergic agonist, indirect, muscarinic & nicotinic
organophosphates cholinergic agonist, indirect, muscarinic & nicotinic
atropine cholinergic antagonist, muscarinic (decrease secretions/GI motility, increase HR, bronchodilation, decrease bladder contractions)
glycopyrrolate cholinergic antagonist, muscarinic (decrease secretions/GI motility without cardiovascular effect)
lidocaine local anesthetic; amide-linked; class I antiarrhythmic
mepivicaine local anesthetic, amide-linked
bupivicaine local anesthetic, amide-linked
benzocaine local anesthetic, aminoester
proparacaine local anesthetic, aminoester
atracurium neuromuscular blocker; competitive (nondepolarizing)
vecuronium neuromuscular blocker; competitive (nondepolarizing)
pancuronium neuromuscular blocker; competitive (nondepolarizing)
succinylcholine neuromuscular blocker; depolarizing
morphine opioid; mu, kappa
hydromorphone opioid; mu
codeine opioid; mu
fentanyl opioid; mu
buprenorophine opioid; mu
butorphanol opioid; mu, kappa
nalbuphine opioid; mu antagonist, kappa agonist
naloxone opioid; mu, kappa, delta (all antagonist)
naltrexone opioid; mu, kappa, delta (all antagonist)
tramadol opioid; mu, alpha-2; 5-HT (serotonin) [all agonist]; M1 (muscarinic) [antagonist]
phenobarbital anticonvulsant; barbiturate
primidone anticonvulsant; barbiturate
phenytoin anticonvulsant; blocks inward movement of Na+
diazepam anticonvulsant; anxiolytic (behavior modification); benzodiazepine
clonazepam anticonvulsant; benzodiazepine
clorazepate anticonvulsant; anxiolytic (behavior modification); benzodiazepine
felbamate anticonvulsant; N-methyl D-aspartate antagonist
gabapentin anticonvulsant; blocks Ca2+ channels
levetiracetam anticonvulsant; unknown MoA, possibly binding SV2A = inhibit presynaptic Ca2+ channels
zonisamide anticonvulsant; blocks inward movement of Na+
potassium bromide anticonvulsant; unknown MoA; changes K+ influx
buspirone behavior modification (anxiolytic); azapirone
amitriptyline behavior modification; tricyclic antidepressant
clomipramine behavior modification; tricyclic antidepressant
fluoxetine behavior modification; selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
paroxetine behavior modification; selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
selegiline behavior modification; monoamine oxidase type B inhibitor
midazolam benzodiazepine
lorazepam benzodiazepine
flumazenil benzodiazepine antagonist (competitive)
acetazolamide diuretic - carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
mannitol diuretic - osmotic diuretic
furosemide diuretic - loop diuretic
chlorothiazide diuretic - thiazide diuretic
hydrochlorothiazide diuretic - thiazide diuretic
triamterine diuretic - inhibitor of renal epithelial sodium channels
amiloride diuretic - inhibitor of renal epithelial sodium hcannels
spironolactone diuretic - antagonist of mineralocorticoid receptors
ammonium chloride urinary tract drug - urine acidifier
dantrolene urinary tract drug - relax urethra (cats)
potassium citrate urinary tract drug - alkalinizes urine
digoxin positive inotrope: inhibits Na-K-ATPase
pimobendan inodilator (+ inotrope, vasodilator): inhibits phosphodiesterase III
diltiazem vasodilator (Ca channel blocker = decrease intracellular Ca2+); class IV antiarrhythmic
amlodipine vasodilator (Ca channel blocker = decrease intracellular Ca2+)
hydralazine HCl vasodilator (direct arteriolar dilator)
enalapril ACE inhibitor
benazepril ACE inhibitor
quinidine class I antiarrhythmic
procainamide class I antiarrhythmic
amiodarone class III antiarrhythmic
sotalol class III antiarrhythmic
virapamil class IV antiarrhythmic
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