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Animal Husbandry exa

exam two study cards for swine evaluation

traits measured by STAGES -NBA (+) -21 day litter weight (+) -days to 250 lbs (-) -pounds of lean (+) -backfat (-) -sow productivity index -maternal line index -terminal sire index
S.T.A.G.E.S. -Swine Testing And Genetic Evaluation System -developed by Purdue University -uses EDP to measure economically important traits
Measurable carcass traits -10th rib fat - indicator of total carcass fat -last rib fat-most repeatable measurement -loin eye area (total carcass muscle) -carcass length - as length increases, fat decreases -color, firmness, and marbling scores - muscle quality
carcass traits -high in heritability -important, fat hogs are less efficient -consumers are concious of their fat intake -what packing industry pays for has reflected consumer demands
measurable growth traits -days to market -average daily gain -weight per day of age -days to 250 lbs -feed efficiency
growth traits -moderate in heritability -traits that relate in performance & efficiency -60-70% of all production costs are in feed
measureable reproductive traits -number of pigs born alive -number pigs weaned -21 day litter weight -number of parities -number of funcitonal nipples -pigs per sow per year -gestation: 3 mo 3 wk 3 days
selection for reproductive traits -low traits in heritability -improved by crossbreeding -highly important on economic scale -perhaps the largest determinant in profit and loss
sow productivity index -measures an animals ability to pass on maternal traits -index accounts for # pigs born alive & 21 day litter weight
maternal line index -includes most of all economically important traits -includes # born of alive, 21 day litter weight, days to 250, and back fat
terminal sire index -includes traits that are important for market hog production -traits included in (TSI) days to 250, backfat, and pounds of lean
adjust backfat to constant weight (formula) Act. BF +[(250-act. wt)*act. BF/act. wt-25
Created by: drucillamiller