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World Civ Chap 12/13

World Civilizations- Chapter 12/13 Quiz

Whereas in 1875 European nations controlled less than one-tenth of Africa, by 1900 they controlled almost 90 percent
Which of the following statements about the new states of Latin America by the 1830s is false? Rich property holders and the Catholic Church were stripped of their economic and political power after independence.
Not among the areas included in the German Empire at its unification in 1871 was the none of these choices: Former North German Federation; Four south German states; Former French provinces of Alsace and part of Lorraine
Which of the following statements about romantic painters is false? none of these choices: They rejected the classical rules for the arts; They used richer colors and deeper shadows than neoclassical artists; They aimed for violent motion instead of balance, often in past times and "exotic" locales
Great Britain all of these choices: was Napoleons greatest enemy; thwarted Napoleons ambitions for conquest in the Near East and India; pursued a policy of naval blockade, which disrupted French overseas trade; was the target of Napoleons Continental System
At its greatest extent, the Ottoman Empire did not encompass southern Spain
In France in 1830, there was established a limited constitutional monarchy under Louis Philippe
Which of the following was not among the reforms known as Tanzimat? none of these choices: new legal codes; encouragement of education; collection of taxes along western lines
The Russo-Japanese War included a stunning Japanese victory at the Battle of Tsushima Straits
As a result of the revolutions of 1848, all of these choices: serfdom was abolished in the Austrian Empire; parliaments were established in all the German states; France adopted universal male suffrage
Which of the following statements about Napoleons Russian campaign of 1812 is false? The Russians beat the French decisively at Borodino
As regards sociopolitical conditions in the United States around 1900, all of these choices: the population was the worlds fourth largest; the population was the most literate and longest-lived in the world; the government was dominated by white males who enjoyed constitutionally protected individual rights
In the mid-nineteenth century, the northern and southern regions of the United States disagreed over the nature of federal vs. state authority within the union
Which of the following statements about nationalism as a factor in the new imperialism is false? none of these choices: Western nations sought to have biggest/most powerful empires; Nations seized areas provide naval base to protect the sea-lanes between the key colonies/the colonial power; desire to impose ones culture on others was major motivation
By the outbreak of World War I, which of the following African nations remained free? Ethiopia and Liberia
Of the following countries, this one controlled the least amount of territory in Africa in 1914. the Netherlands
Which of the following statements regarding Karl Marx is NOT true? He believed that aggressive nationalism was the key to ending class struggle
Émile Zola is a good source for conditions during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution because of his on-the-spot research and realism
Simón Bolívar was a Venezuelan aristocrat
Which of the following did chancellor Metternich of Austria call "a geographic expression"? Italy
The Indian National Congress was formed in 1885
Which of the following statements about industrialization in Russia is false? none of these choices: lack of a large, dynamic middle class hampered industrial development; Count Serge Witte was instrumental in bringing Russia into the industrial age; Between 1885-1900 Russia index of industrial production tripled
Two examples of American realist writers are Frank Norris and Hamlin Garland
According to Darwin, natural selection explained why humans evolved from lower primates
In 1914, most of West Africa was controlled by France
The "Diamond Jubilee" in 1897 celebrated the seventy-fifth year of Queen Victorias reign
Which of the following was not allied with France at the height of Napoleons empire? Ottoman Empire
"Jingoists" refers to extreme and militant nationalists
Karl Marx thought that the primary determinant of history was economics
Which of the following statements about the construction of the Suez Canal is false? none of these choices: It was built by Ferdinand de Lesseps; The British initially opposed the construction of a canal; It was built with Egyptian labor and monies secured from the sale of private shares in the Suez Canal Company
The constitution of the Second French Republic acknowledged free speech, freedom of the press, and security from arbitrary arrest
Nationalistic ideals were a particular cause of revolutions in 1848 in Germany and Italy
On the eve of the Revolution, the primary adversary/adversaries of the Old Regime was/were the ideas of the Enlightenment
Which of the following statements about European countries in the decades before World War I is false? none of these choices
Which of the following statements about racism and imperialism is false? Most westerners were doubtful whether their conquests of other peoples conformed to the laws of God and nature
As regards the net effect of Napoleons career, his accomplishments in domestic reform cannot be matched in any other comparable period in French history
Which of the following statements is false? Japan The emergence of Japan as a world power was less disturbing to the Europeans than the rise of the United States
The Ausgleich of 1867 transformed the Habsburg Empire into a Dual Monarchy by recognizing which of the following as equal partners with the Germans within the empire? the Magyars
Not among the results of Napoleons Egyptian campaign was an abiding respect for Europeans among the masses of Egyptian people
Which of the following statements about Brazil is false? Compared with most wars and revolutions in Spanish America, Brazilians won their independence from Portugal at a very high price in men and material
Which of the following statements about the Crimean War is false? There were high casualties only on the Russian side
By 1900, the worlds largest industrial producer was the United States
Austria-Hungary and Russia had their most important rivalry in the Balkans
By 1847, control of Algeria had passed from Ottomans to France
Which of the following is an example of a realist artist who reacted against romantic "prettifying" of the natural world and insisted on depicting life as it really was? Gustave Courbet
Which of the following statements about Latin American scholars and writers is false? They tended to condemn their Amerindian ancestors and glorify their European ones
Which of the following statements about Japan by the end of the nineteenth century is false? It lacked an adequate army and navy
According to Herbert Spencer, Darwins theories indicated that select human groups would flourish and rule over those less "fit"
The proclamation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India took place in 1876
In 1914, Japan did not control the Philippines
Within forty years of the first practical locomotive, western Europe saw the laying of how many miles of track? 900,000
Most Americans did not begin to look to the national government to regulate domestic matters until the twentieth century
After the overthrow of the Tokugawa shogun, Japan encouraged industrialists and entrepreneurs, who became the new elite of the nation
Which of the following statements about France in 1789 is false? It had a population of around 125 million
Which of the following statements is false? Great Britain none of these choices
A movement that stressed the empathetic and intuitional faculties over those of logic and reason was romanticism
As regards the impact of western civilization on India, science and technology, such as railroads, and telegraph lines, were readily accepted by the great majority of Indians.
Which of the following statements about Rome is false? In 1870, Italian troops took possession of the city and of the Vatican itself
This mining magnate and politician became one of the richest men in the world from his interests in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Cecil Rhodes
Which European ruler adopted as a motto "autocracy, orthodoxy, nationalism"? Alexander III
Which of the following statements about populations is false? none of these choices: The pop. of Great Britain increased from around 5 million in 1700 to 32 million by 1900; The pop. of Russia nearly tripled in the 19th century; The pop. of the US increased from 4 million to 100 million between 1790-1900
The first industrialized nation in continental Europe was Belgium
This positivist thinker was also known as the founder of modern sociology: Auguste Comte
Which of the following statements about the Second Estate is false? It had made no concerted effort to end royal absolutism or to establish a constitutional monarchy under their control
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