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religions albemarle

compare religions albemarle

Abraham founder of judaism. was asked by God to sacrifice his son, isaac
The Analects collection of moral and social teachings of Confucius including the concepts of the Five relationships
ancestor worship worship given to deceased relatives who are to be closer the Gods and therfore able to grant favors
Animism oldest type of belief system in the world. practiced in many forms in many traditional societies. practice nature worship, believed that everything has a spirit in the universe,
Archipelago group or chain of islands
Atman In hinduism, the human soul
BCE date meaning Before Common Era, or more than two thousand years ago
Bhagavad Gita A hindu holy book where the god Krishna teaches importance of selflessness, performing religious duties, and devotion to God
Brahma Hindu god called the Creator. Brahma is the first memberof the triad that includes Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer
Brahman In Hiduism, Brahman is the name given to the oneness of the Universe
Buddha Hindu, for "enlightened one"
Buddhism developed in India, based on many of the core concepts of Hinduism
Caliph In Islam, the successor to the Prophet Mohammed
Caste System a rigid social class system in Hinduism
CE date meaning Common Era, or the last two thousand years of history
Jesus Christ founder of christianity, considered to be the son of God and Messiah
Christianity most popular religion in the world currently founded by Jesus and holy book is the Bible
Confucianism teaches that there is a natural social order to society
Confucius chinese philospher and writer of the Analects
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