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4000 yrs, NT & OT ch

Genesis Begins with creation Ends with the children of Israel in Egypt Main characters: Adam & Eve; Noah; Abraham; Isaac; Jacob; Joseph Lesson to Remember: God takes care of His people Years: 2500
Exodus Begins with children of Israel in Egypt Ends with children of Israel at Mt. Sinai Main Character: Moses The Ten Commandments are recorded in Exodus 20 Lesson to remember: God will provide what we need. Years: 200
Leviticus Tells about the priests and their duties Chapter 10 records the story of Nadab and Abihu
Numbers Begins w/ children of Isreal and Mt. Sinai (where Exodus left off) Ends w/ children of Israel in Moab (before Canaan) God decided they wouldn't be able to go into the promised land when they were at Kadesh-Barnea b/c of the ten spies' report.
Numbers Called this because the people were counted twice. Lesson to remember: You must be willing to stand with the minority. Years: 40
Deuteronomy This book is a speech repeating the Law of Moses Ten Commandments recorded in Deut. 5 again. The last chapter records Moses' death on Mt. Nebo. Lesson to remember: Teach our children (Deut 6.)
Joshua The story of Israelites taking and dividing Canaan. They crossed the Jordan River on dry land. They first took Jericho. They failed at Ai b/c of sins of Achin They took the land and divided it amont the 12 tribes. The Levites had 48 cities.
Joshua the main character of the book of Joshua. Lesson to Remember: serve the Lord. God will forgive you. Years: 40. Matt. 1:5: Rahab is in the lineage of Christ.
Judges Purpose of the judge was to deliver the people from their enemies. Lesson to remember: Be a leader for good. Years: 400.
Ruth Story about a Moabite woman. Took place during the time of the judges. Husband: Boaz; Mother-in-law: Naomi Relationship to David great-grandmother Listed in Christ's genealogy.
1 Samuel Last two judges: Eli and Samuel First king: Saul; He ruled 40 years. Committed two great wrongs: 1. Ch 13: Offered own sacrifice (He didn't wait for the priests) 2. Ch 15: didn't destroy the Amalekites. Lesson to remember: Don't take revenge.
2 Samuel Punishment: 1) The child died 2) The sword didn't depart from his house. His son, Absolam, tried to take the kingdom away from him. Lesson to remember: Be willing to admit your mistakes.
1 Kings 1-11 Story of Solomon. He was wise and wealthy. He asked God and built idols. 700 wives. 300 concubines. Built temple. Lesson to remember: watch peer influence.
Israel We read of Israel in the books of 1 Kings 2 Kings, and 2 Chronicles. Two idols were places at Dan (N) and Bethel (S). They were taken into captivity by the Assyrians. Lesson to remember: Elijah, we are never done. 250 years.
Kings of Israel Jeroboam; Nadab, Baasha, Elan, Zimri, Omri, Ahab (Jezebel), Ahaziah, Jehoram, Jehu, Jehoahaz, Joash, Jeroboam II, Zachariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah, Hoshea.
Prophets Elijah Elisha Jonah Hosea Amos
Judah We read of Judah in the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 2 Chron. They were taken into capitivity by King Nebuchadhezzer, king of the country of Babylon. Lesson to remember: 2 Chron 22: The Influence of a Mother 350 yrs.
Kings of Judah Rehoboam; Abijam; Asa; Jehosphat; Jehoram; Ahaziah; Athaliah; Joash; Amaziah; Uzziah; Jotham; Ahaz; Hezekiah; Manasseh; Amon; Josiah; Jehoahaz; Jehoiakim; Jehoiachin; Zedkiah
Two tribes Benjamin and Judah
Prophets of Judah Isaiah Micah Joel Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Jeremiah Obadiah
Babylonian Captivity We read this account in the book of Daniel. Two prophets: Daniel, Ezekiel Lesson to remember: Dan. 5: Honor and Obey God. 70 years. The Babylonians were taken captive by the Medo-Persians. The book of Esther was written during the Medo-Persian captivity
The Image in a Dream in Daniel 2 Head: Babylon. Chest: Medo-Persian. Legs: Greek. Feet: Romans. Meaning: THe church will stand forever.
Return to Judah Found in Ezra, Nehemiah. King Cyrus, king of Persians, freed Jews & allowed to return to their land. Three men led group back: Zerubbabel, Ezra, & Nehemiah. Zeb>rebuild temple. Ezra>restored appropriate worship. Nehemiah>rebuilt wall around Jerusalem.
Return to Judah THey rebuilt the walls and the temple. Three prophets after the return: Haggi, Zachariah, Malachi Lesson to remember: Neh. 4:6> Have a mind to work
Between the Testaments 1. Greeks in charge (common language) 2. Romans in charge (roads) 3. Synagogues-10 Jewish fams build one. 4. Old Testament was translated into Greek. 5. Pharisees, Saducees, Herodians, Zealots arose as sects of Jews. 400 years.
Adam first man
Eve first woman
Cain first son, killed his brother
Abel Cain’s brother, offered acceptable sacrifice
Noah built the ark as God instructed
Shem, Ham, Japeth Noah’s sons
Enoch walked with God and God took them
Methuselah lived the longest (969yrs)
Abraham called “Father of the Faithful”, left Ur when God called him, offered Isaac
Sarah wife of Abraham, model of submission to her husband
Isaac son of Abraham and Sarah
Hagar handmaid of Sarah
Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar
Lot nephew of Abraham
Melchizedek King of Salam; Abraham gave tithes to him
Rebekah wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob and Esau
Jacob son of Isaac and Rebekah, tricked Jacob and had to flee and lived with his Uncle Laban
Esau means “red” brother of Jacob, traded his birthright
Leah the older sister of Rachel, Jacob’s wife
Rachel Jacob’s favorite wife
Joseph Jacob’s favorite son, became a ruler in Egypt
Judah Jacob’s son
Pharaoh ruler of Egypt
Moses lead Israelites out of bondage
Aaron Moses’ brother, first high priest
Miriam Moses’ sister
Zipporah Moses’ wife
Jethro-Reuel Moses’ father-in-law
Eliazar son of Aaron, became high priest
Joshua leader of Israel during the conquest of Canaan, one of the two “good” spies
Caleb one of the two “good” spies
Rahab hid spies in Jericho, in lineage of Christ
Achan hid plunder and caused Israel to lose the battle of Ai
Karah lead a rebellion against Moses
Jonah prophet of Ninevah; was in the belly of a great fish
Ruth great-grandmother of David, daughter-in-law of Naomi; in lineage of Christ
Boaz son of Rahab, husband of Ruth
Naomi mother-in-law of Ruth
Deborah judge, poet, “mother in Israel”
Gideon judge, his army fought with lanterns and trumpets (300 men)
Jepthah judge who made a foolish vow
Samson judge, strongest man
Delilah enticed Samson to tell the secret of his strength
Samuel last judge, first prophet
Eli judge, could not control his sons
David Second King of United Kingdoms, man after God’s own heart
Bathsheba committed adultery with David, mother of Solomon
Solomon Third King of United Kingdoms, wisest man
Jonathan son of Saul, David’s best friend
Abigail known for her beauty and discernment, married David after first husband, Nabal, died
Michal Saul’s daughter, David’s wife
Goliath Philistine giant killed by David
Rehoboam Solomon’s on, divided Israel
Jeroboam first king of northern kingdom
Athaliah daughter of Jezebel, grandmother Joash
Jehoshaphat son of Asa, king of Judah
Hezekiah good king, God added 15 years to his life
Isaiah “messianic prophet”
Jeremiah “weeping prophet”
Ahab the worst king of Israel
Jezebel wife of Ahab, she enticed him to do evil
Elijah prophet fed by ravens, was taken up to Heaven in a fiery chariot
Elisha Successor to Elijah, bald prophet, told Naamon how to be cured of leprosy
Hosea prophet; married a prostitute, Gomer, to symbolize God’s people leaving Him
Amos prophet of Israel
Daniel in Babylon; prayed to God and was thrown in lions’ den; would not eat the king’s food
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego in fiery furnace
King Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, ate grass like an animal because he would not acknowledge God’s powers
Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to help rebuild wall
Ezra priest who helped reestablish worship after Babylonian captivity
Zerubbabel returned and helped reestablish worship
King Cyrus king of Persia; had temple in Jerusalem rebuilt
Josiah good king of Judah, had temple repaired
Belshazzar King of Babylon
Esther queen who risked her life to save her people
Zacharias father of John the Baptist
Elizabeth mother of John the Baptist
John the Baptist cousin of Jesus, prepared the way for Jesus
Mary mother of Jesus
Joseph earthly father of Jesus
Peter apostle, fisherman, preached the first sermon recorded
Andrew apostle, brother of Peter, always bringing someone to Jesus
James apostle, brother of John, “Sons of Thunder”
John apostle of love, brother of James, “Sons of Thunder”
Philip apostle
Simon apostle
Thaddaeus apostle
Bartholomew apostle
Thomas doubting apostle
Matthew tax collector, apostle
James, son of Alphaeus apostle
Mary Magdalene first person to see Jesus after the resurrection
Mary, sister of Martha & Lazarus friend of Jesus
Martha, sister of Mary & Lazarus friend of Jesus
Lazarus, brother of Mary & Martha friend of Jesus whom Jesus raised from the dead
Nicodemus ruler who came to Jesus by night
Joseph of Arimathea buried the body of Jesus
Pontius Pilate Governor of Judea, tried Jesus
Herod the Gread tried to kill Jesus as a baby, killed the babies in Bethlehem
Herod the Tetrarch of Galilee beheaded John the Baptist, tried Jesus
Judas apostle who betrayed Jesus
Paul apostle sent to Gentiles, missionary journeys
Ethiopian eunuch treasurer for Candace
Stephen first Christian martyr
Philip chosen to minister to Grecian widows
Barnabas “Son of Encouragement,” accompanied Paul on 1st missionary journey
John Mark went with Paul & Barnabas, but turned back; wrote the gospel of Mark
Silas accompanied Paul on other missionary journeys
Cornelius first Gentile convert
Lydia seller of purple, converted in Philippi
Dorcas sewed for widows in Joppa, Peter raised from the dead
Aquila & Priscilla taught Apollos, tentmakers, helped Paul
Ananias & Sapphira tried to deceive the Holy Spirit and died
Demetrius silversmith in Ephesus
Felix Governor of Judea, tried Paul
Festus Governor of Judea, sent Paul to Caesar
Agrippa descendant of Herod, tried Paul
Phoebe servant of the church, helped Paul
Titus convert, Paul’s “Son in our Common Faith”
Timothy Paul’s “Son in the Gospel”
Eunice Timothy’s mother
Lois Timothy’s grandmother
Philemon Christian slave owner
Onesimus converted run-away slave
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John The Gospels. They tell about the life of Christ
Matthew wrote to Jews and presented Christ as king.
Mark wrote to Romans and presented Christ as a servant.
Luke wrote to Greeks and presented Christ as a man.
John wrote to believers and presented Christ as God.
Percentage of what is John is not in the other books 92%
Matthew and Luke tell of Jesus’ birth.
The Gospels tell of Jesus’ death.
John records no parables.
Acts Tells the story of the acts of the apostles and the beginning of the church.
Author of Acts Luke.
Acts Chapter 2 Conversion of 3000 on Pentecost.
Chapter 8 Conversion of Eunuch
Chapter 9, 22, 26 Conversion of Saul
Chapter 10 Conversion of Cornelius
Chapter 16 Conversion of Lydia, Philippian Jailer.
4 Geographical Centers Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, Rome
Paul made how many missionary journeys 3 and one journey to Rome.
21 letters (Epistles) Written by Peter, Paul, James, Jude, and John.
The individuals the Epistles were written to? churches Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.
Revelation Written by John. Book of prophecy and hope.
Lesson to remember for Revelation Revelation 22
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my pathway.” Psalm 119
“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 22
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