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Stone Age Vocabulary

Stone Age Vocabulary Review

skills and knowledge to make things that meet human needs technology/tool
a system in which the members of a group do different tasks according to their abilities and the group's needs specialization/division of labor
movement of groups of people from one place to another migration
an organized group of people living and working under a set of rules and traditions society
means to tame plants and animals for people's use domestication
a unique way of life that sets a group of people apart from others culture
materials found in nature that are useful to humans natural resources
a human-made object, especially from long ago artifacts
a pictorial sign or symbol, a prehistoric cave drawing pictographs
a carving on rock, made by a member(s) of a prehistoric people petroglyphs
the remains of a once-living thing fossils
a small group of people bands
the domestication of plants and animals agriculture
a period of time characterized by people hunting and gathering for food and tools made of stone Paleolithic (Old Stone Age)
the last phase of the Stone Age, marked by the domestication of animals and the development of agriculture (farming) Neolithic (New Stone Age)
scientists who look and study things (artifacts) left behind by people archaeologists
the time before writing was invented prehistory
means to uncover by digging excavate
a person with no settled home, who moves around from place to place nomad
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