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World Religions

Christianity test questions

Christian Fundamentailism is a: Prostestant movement that grew up in response to issues of liberalism and modernity
What seeks "orientatiuons" of religion seeks union with a reality that is greater than onelself? Mystical
What is the term for letters written in the New Testament for the purpose of instruction, encouragement and practical advice? Epistles
The purpose of the Puritan jeremaid was to: set a tone of guilt adn the need for repentance.
The Christianization of the Roman Empire resulted in each of the following: new emphasis on the final destiny of the individual, the appointment of Christians to high ranking official public positions, the governments return of confiscated church property.
For each of the New Testament gospel writers, the central concern of the text is: the suffering and death of Jesus.
Second century belief of some Christians that the tree persons of the Trinity are merely different modes or aspects of God, rather than three persons known as: Sabellianism
Catholicism devotions to the saints and to Mary, mother of Jesus, are examples of: paraliturgical devotions
Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, established several major changes in public worship within Catholicism which are: More use of sacred music in nontraditional formats, using the vernacular rather than Latin in the liturgy, the simplification of rites,
Almost 40 yrs after Jesus crucifixion the Christian proclamation about Jesus, known as ____ circulated by word of mouth. Kergyma
The first King of the Hebrew tribes was? Saul
Movement that began in 1960's bringing tongues-speaking and other pentecostal elements to the Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant churches was the ____ movement? charismatic
What modernized the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II
Ref. to as the "women's gospel" of the New Testament? Luke
_______ christians who believed that jesus's sacrifice represented atonement for all human beings, not just the elect General Baptists
Sectarian group that grew out of the sixteenth-century Protestant Radical Reformation? Mennonites
Josh Wesley adn the Methodists taucht which Christian doctrines? Perfectionism
A technical theological term in christianity for acceptability before god? Justification
the early statement of the Orthodox Christian belief known as the Nicene Creed emphasizes? Jesus' equality with God
Gospel that is not part of the New Testament and consists almost entirely of sayings of the risen Jesus is the Gospel of: Thomas
Experiences associated with forms of Methodism and the holiness tradition is said to cleanse the individual of a deep-seated sinfulness? Sanctification
Seventeenth-century Massachusetts Bay Puritanism is an example of: theocracy
Latin translation of the Bible known as the Vulgate was composed by: Jerome
Early Muslim criticism of Christianity was that its practioners: violated the doctrine of monotheism through their belief in the Trinity
When Paul of Tarsus traveled to Damascus from Jerusalem, his originial intent was to: arrest prominent members of the Chris-worshipping Jerusalem Church
Which of the three "orientations" of rligiion focuses on rituals and ceremonies as the path to salvation? Sacramental
Christianity's monastic movement began in: Rome
Most oral religious traditions: focus on a single High god
Term for post-Civil War Protestant movement that taught that the Kingdom of God could only be brought about, on earth through human effort? Social Gospel
Liberal Christians, active in Revolutionary war times especially in and around Boston, were ancestors of modern: Unitarianism
The Calvinist belief in the inability ofhumans on their own to say or do anything that could merit them salvation was known as: total depravity
The early Christian church historian Eusebius of Caesarea: divided Christian texts into three categories: acknowledge, disputed and rejected
The ancient Israle commandment cited by Jesus as the "greatest commandment" was the: Shema
Jehovah's witnesses believe in the Christian doctrine of: Biblical primacy on all matters
Name of Calvinist movement that grew from the conviction that Queen Elizabeth's reforms of the Church of England did not go far enough? Puritanism
Term for a scroll containing Jewish scripture? Megillah
As set forth in the book of Genesis, the Noahide Code prohibits: idolatry, cruelty to animals, extramarital sex
Early Christian theologian in the church said to be the first: Origen
Divine Liturgy of Eastern Christian Orthodoxy, like the Mass of Roman Catholicism recalls the, Last Supper of Jeaus and his death on the cross
Word that refers to Christ's second coming in Christianity is: Parousia "second coming"
Offshoot of the Puritan movement, committed to doctrine of the Inner Light and humanitarian benevolence toward all peoples is the: Society of Friends
According to Jehovah's Witnesses, Christ became King in the year: 1914 C.E.
_______ teachings who felt that heretics should be forced to convert to Christianity for the sake of their on salvation, largely behind the Spanish Inquisition? Augustine
According to the gospel of Mark, Jesus' two commandments that summed up his teachings included the commandment to: love thy neighbor as thyself.
Liberal Protestantism a form of American Protestantism grew out of the religious pluralism of the later nineteeenth century, assoc with ideas such as: significance of the social gospel, humanity of Jesus, inherent goodness of human nature
An offshoot of the Puritan movement, committed to a doctrine of the Inner Light and humanitarian benevolence toward all peoples, is the Society of Friends
According to Jehovah's Witnesses, Christ became King in the year 1914 C.E.
Which new Testament characters, in his words and behavior seems to share a number of beliefs with the sect known as the Essenes? John the Baptist
Early Christians referred to Jesus by a name that means "anoited one" and that ancient Jews gave to all their kings. The name was: Messiah
Concept associated with Roman Catholicism? Higher Law
which is NOT a belief or practice typical of New Age Americans? Reiki
Synoptic gospels, material found in Matthew and Luke but not Mark is know as the: double tradition
The Puritans believed: Salvation was from God alone. Christians should only do what was explicitly directed by the Bible. Church and state should remain separate God worked through covenants with individuals, communities and churches.
Books of the New Testament were written between what years: 50-150 C.E.
movement in Christian church that advocated slavation through extraordinary spiritual understandings of heavenly truths that are denied to most people: Gnosticism
Hebrew Prophet Isaiah taught that: there is only one God for all the people of the world
Three orientations of religion stresses contact with the sacred by proper belief and adherence to moral rules? Prophetic
book of Malachi appears the end of most Christian arrangements of the Old Testament because: Christians believe Malachi predicted the appearance of John the Baptist.
Pauls most original contribution to the Christian religion was the: conception of the death of Jeasus as saving humankind from sin
meaning: the concept of the presence of God in the world? Immanence
In Christian and Catholicism traditions, the prescribed cycle of worship t/o the year including the structure of the service, texts for study and hymns sung known as: liturgy
Christian Evangelicalism emphasizes? personal experience of the grace of God in rebirth. use the Bible as the primary source of God's revelations. mission work to help promote conversion. Christ's redemptive work on the cross, esp. means of salvation
Which alternative religion blends aspects of Christianity into their beliefs? Santeria, Cao Dai
The world's three great missionary religions? Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.
belief that there is one high god that ranks above all others is known as: henotheism
The ligurgical year for Christians begins with: Advent
philosophical argument for the existence of God which is based on evidence of a divine plan is described as: teleological
most historians believe most likely reason Byzantine emperor Constantine's patronage of Christianity is: recognition of political stability offered by the church's existing hierarchy.
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