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NA Practical


Wound Closure Using Suture Hemostats, needle holder, scissors, suture and needle, tissue forceps, 4x4 gauze; to provide for suture repair of incisions, laceration, etc.
Suture Removal Thumb forceps, suture removal scissors, 4x4 gauze- to remove sutures from the incision line
Incision and drainage of an abcess- I&D Hemostats, 4x4 gauze, scalpel, syringe and needle, tissue forceps- to incise and drain an area of accumulated infectious material
Cervical biopsy vaginal speculum, uterine dilators, cervical biopsy punch, uterine tenaculum, 4x4 gauze, sponge forceps, large tipped cotton swabs,sterile- uterine curette- to remove cervical tissue for biopsy exam
Needle biopsy syringe and needle, 4x4 gauze- to remove tissue for pathological exam
Cyst removal Hemostats, syringe and needle, scalpel, tissue forceps, 4x4 gauze, needle holder, suture and needle, scissors- to remove cyst and prepare for pathological exam
Dressing Change Non-sterile gloves, bandage scissors, sterile dressing, sterile 4x4 gauze, tape, medication if ordered, sterile gloves to apply sterile dressing- to cover and seal the open wound to prevent infection, absorb discharge, or apply pressure
On the outside of tray- WOUND CLOSURE USING SUTURE syringe and needle, local anethetic, antiseptic ointment, extra sterile gauze, sterile gloves, sterile H20
On the outside of tray- SUTURE REMOVAL Antiseptic ointment, 4x4 gauze, sterile/non-sterile gloves, steri-strips
On the outside of tray- I&D Sterile gloves antiseptic solution/ointment local anesthetic, *lodoform packing strips, 4x4 gauze, telfa pad
On the outside of tray- CERVICAL BIOPSY Sterile gloves, specimen bottle with Formalin, coagulant foam or gel, *lodoform packaging strips, vinegar
On the outside of the tray- NEEDLE BIOPSY Sterile gloves, specimen bottle with Formalin, local anesthetic, dressing
On the ouside of the tray- CYST REMOVAL Sterile gloves, local anesthetic, antiseptic ointment, specimen bottle with Formalin, dressing
Retractor Manual and spring type, used to hold tissues aside to expose operative area
Biopsy punch For obtaining specimens, usually for determination of cancer cell
Operating Mayo Scissors Sharp and blunt, used to remove minor polyps, secretions and to obtain specimens from uterus
Ophthalmoscope Physical examination of the optic nerve, retina and blood vessels of the interior of the eye
Bulb syringe gentle suction for irrigation especially children, ear and eye irrigations and for suction of nasal passageways
Asepto syringe used for varied irrigations such as ear, wound and urinary irrigations
Tuning Fork Used to test audio perception; may be used during neurological examination
Stethoscope Used in auscultation to convey to the examiner's ear the sound
Ear syringe Used to forcibly inject a stream of fluid into the ear canal for crumen removal and ear irrigation
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