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CMA-AAMA Outline

Surgical Procedures

scraping away of the surface such as skin or teeth, by fricition is called what? ABRASION
Partial or complete loss of sensation is called what Anesthesia
Joining together of surgical wound edges is called what? APPROXIMATION
The process of forcibly tearing off a part or structure of the body, such as a finger or a toe is called what? AVULSION
Obtaining of a represenative tissue sample for microscopic examination, usually to establish a diagnosis is called ______ ? BIOPSY
This is a TUBE or SHEATH...... CANNULA
A wound that involves trauma to the underlying tissue WITHOUT a break in the skin or mucous membrane or exposure of the underlying tissue is called ____________ ? CLOSED WOUND
The examination of the vaginal and cervical tissue by means of a COLPOSCOPE is called _____? COLPOSCOPY
The process of drawing up or thickening of a muscle fiber is called ______ ? a CONTRACTION
The use of extremely cold probes to destroy unwanted, cancerous or infected tissues is called ____? CRYOSURGERY
When using a knife or surgical scissors to seprate or divide tissues it is called _____? CUTTING - DUUUU
What does DISTAL mean? away from the center
A fleshy projection formed on the surface of a gaping wound that is not healing by first intention or indirect union is called a ___________? Gruanulation
What is the instrument used to stop blood flow? HEMOSTAT
Pertaining to a patient care during surgery is called _____ INTRAOPERATIVE
A wound or irregular tear of the flesh is a _____? Laceration
Pertaining to a patient care FOLLOWING surgery? POSTOPERATIVE (POST-OP)
Pertaining to a patient care BEFORE surgery? PREOPERATIVE (PRE-OP)
This procedure involves draining pus from abcesses caused by infections. I&D
What does the I&D procedure DO? Relieves pain and pressure
Is an OPTIONAL SURGERY medically necessary? No --- ummm its optional
What insturment has 2 prongs and is used to grasp tissue. Some are hinged and may have either a smooth mouth or teeth to with the grasping. Forceps
This type of forcep has hinges farther down like scissors. They may be straight or curved and may have teeth or smooth. Ring or Sponge Forceps
The RATCHET on the handle allows for what on this instrument? Securing and Fastening
________ is a type of hinge found in some surgical instruments. BOX LOCK
Which of the following sutures would be the thickest? 6-0 = 4-0 = 9-0 4-0
____________ Water is used in an autoclave to prevet mineral buildup and corrosion. DISTILLED
When pouring solutions to the sterile field, the container lable should be placed __________ in order to avoid staining and making it illegible. PALM OF YOUR HAND
What is a fenestrated drape? Drapes that have slit or hole that exposes the surgical area
Drapes are made of what ___________ _______ or _____ ______, often with vinyl or plastic backing. Sterile Muslin Cloth or Sterile Paper
Before any anesthetic is administered, the patient MUST be questions about ____ and _____ reations to local anesthetics. ALLERGIES and ANY PREVIOUS
What is a TROCAR? Hollow cannula used to withdraw fluids
Probes are used for what? To move around and visualize
Should you leave the treatment room once the sterile trays have been set up? NO - For legal purposes you are responsible and accountable for keeping the sterile field in sterile condition
On a anesthetic label a RED LABEL indicates what? The presence of an additive such as EPINEPHRINE
Epinephrine is a VASOCONSTRICTOR and does what? REDUCES BLOOD FLOW
On a Anesthetic Label that is BLUE indicates what? The solution is plain and contains no additive
What are the 2 types of sutures? Absorbalbe and NON-Absorbable
Absorbable suture material will dissolve in the body in how many days? 15-20
What are NON-Absorbable sutures made of? Silk-Nylon-Steel
Nonabsorbable sutures are used in ______ Tissues permanently or they are removed. DEEP TISSUES
Staples are used to? Reduce blood loss - Promote wound healing - secure large wounds
Skin closure strips are used when? Small incisions - delicate areas- When minimal scarring is desired
What is the Inflammatory Phase? Blood serum forms, clot forms, scab begins to form
What is the Granulation Phase? When tissue absorbs fluid, cells form on edge of wound, scar begins to form
What is the CONTRACTION PHASE? Small blood vessels absorbed, scar shrinks, color lightens
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