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Chap 17 Mircroorganisms and Asepsis

The specific name used for any types of pathogen that lives in and is transmitted through blood is called __________ ? Bloodborne Pathogen - 271
The chain of infection requires the microorganism to find a means of exit from the host. These means of exit include the following EXCEPT: Sneezing-Ingestion-Coughing-Blood-Feces Ingestion - 271
An example of a viral disease is RINGWORM-CANDIDDIASIS-MALARIA-MEASLES Measles - 271
A bacteria that lives without oxygen is called ____________ ? Anerobic - 271
The major reason for using proper aseptic procedures is to _____________ ? Protect patients and health care workers - 271
The process that destroys all living organisms is? AUTOCLAVING - 272
Personal protective equipment includes the following EXCEPT: Needles-Gowns-Gloves-Masks NEEDLES - 272
Ringworms is an example of a : Bacteria - Fungus - Protoza - Virse - Parasite FUNGUS - 272
The organization that developes and monitors guidelines and mandates health and safety practices in the work places is? OSHA - Occupational Safety Health Administration 272
A chemical agent used to clean countertops to decrease the number of disease causing organisms is a _____? Disinfectant
Characteristics of a susceptible host include the following except:lack of hygiene - poor nutrition - intact immune system - chronic illness - injury to the body Chronic Illness
T/F - All patients blood and bodily fluids should be conidered contaminated, even if they are not. True
When a patient acquires an infection while in a medical facility, it is referred to as a? Health Care - Acquired Infection is an infection separate from the patient's original condition that is acquired while the patients is being treated in a hospital/health care facility 273
The chain of infection does not include: susceptible host-means of transmission-reservoir-asepsis ASEPSIS - 273
What chemical cleaning agent is used on the skin to remove bacteria? Antiseptic - 273
Hepatitis B and Rubella are examples of diseases caused by: Yeasts-Fungi-Bacteria-Protozoa-Viruses VIRUSES - 274
When autoclaving instruments, they should be in a _______position and dry before they are wrapped. OPEN
The process that kills spore-producing bacteria is: handwashing - chemical soaking -disinfecting-autoclaving AUTOCLAVING
T/F When performing a SURGICAL handwash hands should be held upward while rinsing? TRUE-274
Objects that provide an avenue for indirect transmission of microbes are called: spores - pathogens-PPE-fomites PPE
A type of protozoa that causes vaginitis is? Candida-Staphylococci-Trichomonas-Tinea Trichomonas
The temperature setting and timing for proper autoclaving is? 250*F for 30 Minutes
Which of the following is an example of spherical or round bacteria? Staphylococci-Tetanus-E. coli - Shegella Satphylococci
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