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The Pentateuch

Genesis History- help Israel understand the world
What were God's 3 promises he made with Abraham? Land, descendants, and blessings
Exodus Miracles- blessing of relationships with God
Leviticus Law/Obedience- God tells Moses
Numbers Journey to the Promise Land- Israel lacks faith in God
Deuteronomy reapplication of the law- Israel has new generation and new circumstances
Purpose for the Pentateuch- inform Israel of what happened before His rule inspired scripture for Israel to fear God to correctly obey and know his works future generations to know about God
5 Themes of the Pentateuch Sovereignty of God, history, fallen condition of human kind, salvation and holiness
sovereignty of God God created earth & man kind with no help; assured Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and moses of his presence, protection and guidance; the plagues, apperence at Mt. Sinai
History God created this world. OT presents itself through theological history
Fallen Condition of Humanity God created a perfect but sin entered the world losing the relationship with god and proving that man kind can not right its own wrongs
Salvation Gods love and grace moved him to take steps to fix the human dilemma. God was not forced to deliver us from our sins but because of his sovereignty, goodness, and holiness he reached down to help us
Holiness to imitate Gods character and show him that we are obedient and making in effort to follow him and his word. Law help us fall into our own self destructive actions
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