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Unit 2 - Ethics

Pluralism used to describe a society of many different people groups having different “religious” beliefs.
Loss of Emphasis on Christian morality in modern times: Convincing of people that there was no God______Rise of modern science “explains our world without resorting to supernatural”_____ Rise of Marxism____ Freud and the development in psychology _____ Boom in Eastern religion + New Age spiritualities
Where do people get their morality from? tv and media - church is so weak
modernity the modern age
individualism a belief in the sovereignty and priority of the individual in society
instrumental reason is a mode of thought and action that identifies problems and works directly towards their solution
technological messianism the belief that technology will save us, waiting and longing for those new technologies which will solve all our problems.
political liberty political control over our destiny
culture of narcissism a culture obsessed with self and self gratification
4 intrinsic values RESPECT FOR: personal dignity and freedom of individuals ___ basic human ties of family ___ physical and psychological health of ppl ___ rights of individuals
5 moral values fidelity (keeping promises) ___ honesty (being truthful) ___ sexual restraint ( control of sexual appetite) ___ love (caring for ones family) ___ mercy (showing kindness and forgiveness)
qualities of life (which seem desirable as a means to an end): let instincts be your guide ___ don't make commitments___seek material success___seek immediate gratification
diff between values and preferences values relate to the questioning of what is good, bad, better or worse and more or less desirable or is a question of something's merit. Preference is a personal like or dislike.
VALUE/VALUE JUDGEMENT aesthetic value-how things look, e.g.beautiful/ugly___knowledge-values epistemic values, truth)__prudential judgement (value of plans + strategies___religious value - whether a thing is sacred/holy/profane/common__market value (supply/demand)
moral agents? those whose actions, character and motives can be morally evaluated
2 most familiar moral agents individuals and larger groups (e.g church, nations)
animals have moral standing? they are to be treated humanely
5 approaches to values: common good___utilitarianism___rights__fairness/justice___virtue
what is a right? a justified claim on others
what is the basic right? free choice
justice giving someone what they deserve (reference to a standard of rightness)
3 justices corrective/retributive____distributive___compensatory
corrective/retributive to the extent to which punishments are fair and just
distributive to the extent to which society’s institutions ensure that benefits + burdens are distributed among society’s members in ways that are fair and just
compensatory to the extent which ppl are fairly compensated for their injustice by those who have injured them - just compensation = proportional to loss inflicted on that person.
fruit of the spirit bible reference Galatians 5:22-23
what are the fruits of the spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control ___ LJPP-KGFGSC
Difference between virtues and fruits of the spirit: Source is different (holy spirit/God and within the individual)
Ethical dilemmas and my response + why can't study.. :P
VALUES OF BEING self reliance and potential, peaceability, courage, honesty, SRPPCH
VALUES OF GIVING kindness and friendliness, justice and mercy, respect, love, KF JM RL
ETHICAL THINKING DIAGRAM ppl and circumstances___relationships___values___reasoning___authorities___process___judgements
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