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Federal Laws

federal laws

Pure Food and Drug Act All foods and drugs meet standard strength and purity.
The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Manufacturers of drugs and cosmetics must prove that their products are safe.
The Durham-Humphrey Amendments The distinction between prescription and otc drugs; based on habit forming, narcotic etc.
Poision Prevention Act Requires child proof packaging.
JCHAO Improve quality of care provided to the general public. Responsible for accerediation of institutional settings.
Controlled Substances Act Classified drugs on their potential for abuse. 1 2 3 4 5
OSHA Safety in a work place.
American Association of Pharmacy Tech code of ethics
Prescription Drug Marketing Act Sale or distribution of free samples
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Require pharmicists to offer counseling to all patients regarding medications.
Anabloic Steroiods Control Act Any drug or hormonal substance chemically and pharmoaologically related to testerone. #3
HIPPA Privacy of protected information.
FDA Modernization Act The legend requirements to RX only.
Medicare Prescription DRUG, Improvment, and Modernization Act Subsidize the costs of prescription drugs.
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