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Medical Terminology

Uni- One
Bi- Two
Tri- Three
Pre- Before
Post- After
Sub- Under/neath
Trans- Across
Hypo- Low
Hyper- High
A- Negative
An- Not
Peri- Around
Gastr/o Stomach/Intestines
Dermat Skin
Cardi/o Heart
Dent/o Teeth
*Pulmun/o* Lung
Enter/o Small Intestine
Hepat/o Liver
Hemat/o Blood
Chondr/o Cartilage
Oste/o Bone
Arthr/o Joint
Rhin/o Nose
-Itis Inflammation
-Ologist Doctor Of
-Ectomy Surgical Removal Of
-Osis Abnormal Condition Of
-Plasty Repair/Fix
-Megaly Enlargement
-Algia Pain
Lapar Abdomen
-Otomy Cut Into
Dys- Difficulty/Bad
-Pnea Breathing
-Ology Study Of
-Malacia Softening
-Scope Istrument of Viewing
Brady- Slowing
Laryng/o Larynx
Uria Urine
-Centesis Surgical Puncture To Remove Fluid
Thor/o/a Upper Chest
-Stomy Surgical Opening
Crani/o Skull
Lateral Side
Renal Kidney/s
Nephr/o Kidneys
Myo or Myos/o Relating To Muscle
Cardium Relating To The Heart
Angi/o Blood Vessel
-Oma Abnormal Growth (Tumer)
Arteri/o Artery
-Stenosis Abnormal Constriction
Splen/o Spleen
Neur/o Nerve
-Pathy Disease/Disorder
Endo- Inside/Within
Leuk/o White Color
-Cyte Cell
Hyster/o Uterus/Womb
Xanth/o Yellow Color
Melan/o Black Color
Erthyr/o Red Color
Poli/o Gray
Cyan/o Blue
Append/o Appendix
Gingi Gum
Ather/o Fat
Scler/o Hardness
Sclerosis Hardening of the skin
-Scopy Use of instrument for viewing
-Graphy Process of Recording
-Gram Record/Picture
-Rrhage Burst Forth
-Rrhagia Rapid Flow of Blood
-Rrhaphy Surgical Suturing
-Rrhexis Rupture
-Rrhea Flowing/Discharge
-Dynia Pain
-Ic Relating To
Schiz/o Something "Double" or "Double Sided"
Supra- Above(Excessive)
Ab- Away
Ad- To, In the Direction Of
Inter- Between/Among
Intra- Within
Cephal/o Pertain To The Head (The Direction of The Head)
Caud/o Pertaining to the tail (Direction of the Bottom)
Coron/o Relating to the Head
Dist/o Farther from the origin of a body part or the point of attachment of a limb to the body trunk
Anter/o Towards or at the front of the body (Ventral)
Mid/Sagittal Plane Lies vertically, and divides the body into right/left parts
Poster/o Towards or at the back of the body (Dorsal)
Proxim/o Closer to the origin of the body part, or the point of attachment of a limb to the body trunk
Transversal Plane Runs horizontally, and divides the body into superior and inferior regions
Medi/o Toward or at the mid line of the body
Later/o Away from the mid line of the body
Ventr/o (Front)Of or relating to the belly
Dors/o (Behind) Of or pertaining to the back
Superfici/o (External) Towards or at the the body surface
Deep (Internal) Away from the body surface
Ipsilateral On the same side
Contralateral On the opposite site
Frontal Plane Divides the body into the anterior and posterior sections
Plasi/a Abnormal Formation, build, etc.
Ankyl/o Stiff
Cost/o Relating to the Ribs
-Desis Binding
Kyph/o Humped
Lord/o Curve
-Lysis Destruction/Separation
Myel/o Relating to the Bone Marrow
Os/e, Oss/I, Ost/o, Oste/o Bone
-Poietic Production of Blood Cells
Scoli/o Crooked/Bent
Spondyl/o Relating to the Spine/Vertebra
-Um Structure/Tissue
Ligament/o (Obvious) Ligament
Synovi/o Synovial Fluid
Burs/o Bursa (The fluid sac between bones)
Lymph/o Lymph
Scoto Darkness
Oblique Slanted
Kinesi/o Movement
Ton/o Tension/Pressure
Sphincter Ring-Like Muscle that opens and closes passageways
-Trophy Nourishment/Development
Quadr/i Four
-Ia Abnormal Condition/Disease
Ten/o, Tend/o, Tendin/o Tendon
Electr/o Electricity,Electric
Fasci/o Fascia
-Plegia Paralysis
Rectus Straight
-Cele Hernia
Fibr/o Fibro
Tax/o Coordination/Order
-Iasis Condition
Phleb/o OR Ven/o Vein
Aort/o Aorta
Coron/o Coronary
Thromb/o Clot
-Emia Blood Condition
Tachy Fast/Rapid
Anuerysm/o Aneurysm
Valv/o Valve, NOT VOLVO
Capill/o Capillary
Plasm/a OR Plasm/o Something Molded or folded
-Ema Condition of
-Ectasis Stretching, Dilation
-Osmia Smell/Odor
-Pnea Breathing
-Ptysis Spitting
-Sphyxia Breathing
-Spasm Sudden involuntary contraction, tightening or cramping
Adenoid/o Adenoid/s
Alveoli/o Alveoli
Bronchi/o Bronchial Tube/Bronchus
Bronchiol/o Bronchiole,Bronchiolus
Capn/o Carbon Dioxide/Sooty or Smoky substance
Coni/o Dust
Epiglott/o Epiglottis
Lob/o Lobe
Mediastin/o Middle
Nas/o Nose
Orth/o Straight
Ox/o Oxygen
Pector/o Chest
Pharyng/o Pharynx
Phon/o Sound/Voice
Phleur/o Diaphram
Pneumon/o Lung/Air
Sinus/o Sinus
Spir/o To Breath
Tel/o Completion
Thorac/o Chest
Tonsil/o Throat
Trache/o Trachea
An/o Anus
Cec/o Cecum
Chol/e Bile/gall
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Col/o or Colon/o Colon or Large Intestine
Esophag/o Esophagus
-Lithasis Slipping
Pancreat/o Pancreas
-Pepsia Digestion
Proct/o Anus,Rectum
Rect/o Rectum
Sigmoid/o Sigmoid Colon
Or/o Mouth
Encephal/o Brain
Myel/o Spinal Cord
Neur/o or Neur/i Nerves
Ambul/o Walk
Cephal/o Head
Concuss/o Shaken Together
Contus/o Bruise
Ech/o Sound
-Esthesia Feeling
Klept/o Steal
Mening/o Membranes or Meningus
Narc/o Numbness
-Phobia Abnormal Fear
Psych/o Mind
Somn/o Sleep
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