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Brock AP Latin Roots

Latin and Greek Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

Latin Root Definition
ambi both
aud to hear
bene good
cent one hundred
circum around
contra/counter against
dict to say
duc/duct to lead
fac to do; to make
form shape
fort strength
ject throw
jud judge
mal bad
mater mother
mit to send
mort death
multi many
pater father
port to carry
rupt to break
scrib/scribe to write
sect/sec to cut
spect to look
struct to build
voc voice; to call
anthro man; human; humanity
auto self
chron time
dyna power
dys bad; hard; unlucky
gram thing written
graph writing
hetero different
hydr water
hypo below; beneath
meter/metr measure
mis/miso hate
morph form; shape
nym name
phil love
phon sound
photo/phos light
pseudo false
psycho soul; spirit
scope viewing instrument
techno art; science; skill
tele far off
therm heat
de- opposite
dis- not; opposite of
fore- before; front of
in-, im- in
inter- between; among
mis- wrongly
sub- under
super- above; beyond
trans- across
Created by: rockcastle