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Bible Bee 2012 Cross


Titus 2:12 Godly men should live soberly, righteously, and godly. (Men of God and Promises to Us)
1 Peter 1:23 God's word lives and abides forever. (Scriptures)
John 5:39-40 The Scriptures testify of Christ.(Scriptures)
Proverbs 2:6 From God's mouth comes knowledge and understanding. (Scriptures)
John 15:20 Jesus was PERSECUTED so His followers will be PERSECUTED. (Persecutions)
Isaiah 26:4 In the Lord is everlasting strength. (Who God Is )
Psalm 83:18 The Lord's name alone is Lord and He is the Most High over all the earth. (Who God Is )
Romans 4:8 We are blessed when the Lord doesn't impute our sin. (Who God is)
John 20:16 Jesus was called Rabboni. (Who Jesus is)
Luke 7:40 Simon called Jesus teacher. (Who Jesus is)
Romans 10:12-13 The same Lord is over the Jews and Greeks. Whoever calls upon Him will be saved. (Who Jesus is)
Luke 24:46-47 It was necessary for Christ to SUFFER (pascho) and rise from the dead for remission of sins. (suffering)
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