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Everest 345 mod g wk 4

abandonment withdrawing treatment from a patient without giving reasonable notice or providing a competent replacement
defamation to attack the reputation of a person or group
fraudulent to obtain something by cheating
non compos mentis not of sound mind, and so not legally responsible
reciprocity mutual exchange of privileges
coersion to force or control
revoke take away
statutes laws and regulations
surrogate to substitute for oneself
tort civil infractions that result in injury
breach action taken by one party in an agreement that serves to convince the other party that the terms of the contract will not be fulfilled
chronological in an orderly fashion, usually most recent first
competent capable of making decisions regarding one's affairs
deposition testimoney before a court
enumerate to count separately
mores established customs
subpoena duces tecum to appear in court with records
emancipated minor person under 18 the courts have made free from parental control
peer review ethical standards developed
res ipsa loquitor let the thing speak for itself
liability responsible or legally bound
consent receiving permission from a patient to give treatment
morbidity number of people sick in a population
narrative in story form
morals modes of conduct
dilemma difficult situation
law body of rules and regulations
ethics standard of conduct and moral judgement
negligence act of carelessness
agent the person who is assigned power of attorney
assault the threat of violent attack
battery a violent act committed against another person
cival law laws of a citizen
confrontation to deal with face to face
criteria standard of judgement
doctrine belief held or taught
harmonious being peaceful or friendly
malpractice incorrect or negligent treatment
rapport relationship marked by harmony and accord between patient and physician
criminal law deals with offenses against all persons
intimidation to make timid or fearful by threats
obligate to bind by a contract
respondent superior let the master answer
confidentiality to keep patient information private
compensation to make amends
mortality death rate
Physiatrist a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation
Psychiatry branch of medicine that deals with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders
prosthesis an artifical body part
rehabilitation to restore to good health
con- with, together
com- together
-lemma sheath, covering
pract/i practice, pursue an occupation
mort/o death, dead
naratus story form
neg negative
-morb disease
mal- bad
Created by: everest